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Ohio State Finally Makes The Move Every Fan Wanted

It's official: Ohio State's graduate assistant coach, James Laurinaitis, has been hired full-time by the staff and will be the linebackers coach. 

Laurinaitis is now one of Ohio State's ten full-time assistant coaches, and every fan has wanted to see this for a while now. 

Laurinaitis played linebacker for the Buckeyes from 2005-2008 and is one of the best to play in Ohio State history. Laurinaitis was drafted 35th overall by the St.Louis Rams in 2009 and spent eight seasons in the league, seven with the Rams and one with the New Orleans Saints. 

 Laurinaitis got into coaching in 2022 when his former Ohio State teammate Marcus Freeman hired him as his graduate assistant who worked with the linebackers. 

 Laurinaitis only spent one season in South Bend before heading to Columbus in 2023 to take over the role. 

Laurinaitis is now a full-time coach for the Buckeyes, and it's an excellent move for the program. To have someone who bleeds scarlet and gray and knows what it takes to be a Buckeye and how to beat Michigan can send a massive message to the team and the coaching staff. 

Ryan Day is making tons of significant moves this offseason, and this is just another one to add to his list.

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