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Ohio State Fans, It Could Be Going Down Soon

Ohio State is having a great offseason in the transfer portal and bringing many of their stars back, and they could be adding another one soon. 

With Nick Saban's retirement from Alabama, rumors are swirling about several players, including star safety freshman Caleb Downs, considering entering the portal. The transfer portal is a system that allows student-athletes to express their interest in transferring from their current school and be contacted by other schools. It's a potential pathway for Downs to join Ohio State. 

Downs started as a true freshman for Alabama last season and was a five-star, first-ranked safety and eighth overall in the class of 2023, according to 

During his recruitment, Ohio State was a strong contender for Downs. However, he ultimately chose to play under Saban at Alabama. Now, with Saban's retirement, the tables might favor the Buckeyes.

With Saban's departure, Downs might enter the portal, and Ohio State could be the favorite to secure him. This could be a game-changer for the Buckeyes, as Downs' addition would significantly bolster their already formidable secondary. 

Downs would be an incredible addition to an already great secondary, and I wouldn't put it past the Buckeyes at this point to not bring him in. 

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