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OBJ Favored To Be A Patriot, But Don’t Hold Your Breath

In 2021, the Patriots emptied their bank account on the first week of free agency. Fast forward to the present day, they seem to be a little more conservative in their purchases.

The draft looms over the league without the Patriots making any significant additions to the offense. Parker is a step in the right direction but not the final solution. There are a lot of talented pass catchers in free agency, like Odell Beckham Jr, who is favored to sign with New England according to Bovada sportsbook.

Just because he is favored does not mean he will sign with the team. We’ve seen it before and will see it in the future. The Patriots do not sign the most prominent names but players who will significantly impact the field regardless of their character.

Why Is OBJ Destined For Gillette?

The Patriots have a lot of bodies at the wide receiver position. Guys like Kendrick Bourne and Jakobi Meyers look to build on what they started, while others like Nelson Agholor and N’Keal Harry need to figure it out. Unfortunately, it seems as if the team does not require the Super Bowl champion.

Beckham transformed into his old self after being traded by Cleveland. Only Kendrick Bourne had the same amount of touchdowns last season. Mac needs another playmaker or a reliable pair of hands.

Jones struggled to move the ball through the air in 2021. He could not depend on guys to make tough catches in crucial situations. OBJ has made a career of catching passes other receivers would drop or, worse, turnover.

Will He Ever Be A Patriot?

I hope so, but it seems too good to be true. The Patriots seem content with their current group on the depth chart. Bourne and Meyers proved to be Mac’s most trusted, while Parker looks to bring the offense to the next level of play. Even Agholor and Jonnu Smith could struggle, and the offense will not wholly suffer.

OBJ needs to join a team that needs an elite pass catcher and strong-arm QB. He thrives in environments where he may not be the actual WR1 but is treated as such in a specific role. His time with the Rams proved that he does not have to be the number one option at all times, just at the correct times.

The Patriots need to upgrade other positions, such as linebackers and defensive backs. Unfortunately, OBJ seems to be more of a dessert than an entre.

The draft is a few weeks away. Many receivers’ decisions rely on what happens at the event. The Patriots could draft a rookie, making OBJ useless for the offense. They could end up signing him beforehand. The unknown is upon us. Let’s enjoy and think of all the hypotheticals we can until judgment day.



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