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Oakland A's Fans Show They Are One Of The Best In Sports

It has not been an excellent season for the Oakland Athletics, and their fans have not had anything to cheer about. They are currently on a seven-game winning streak as of June 14th, so hopefully, they can keep the winning up for their fans. The A's fans have been hit with a lot this season, and their horrible baseball team was not the most significant blow they had to face.

It was announced earlier this season that the A's would soon be moving to Las Vegas and could play games there by 2027. On Tuesday, the Nevada Senate approved a 380-million-dollar public funding bill that will be used for the new stadium.

A's Fans Showed Up

Also, on Tuesday, the A's fans had a night at the ballpark. The best team in the MLB, the Tampa Rays, was in town, and the fans showed up. Instead of fans boycotting the game and not going, they did a reverse boycott, and over 27,000 showed up to show the ownership group that the fans are not the issue.

They even came out to scream to sell the team to owner John Fisher. The A's have some awesome fans and are about to lose their baseball team in a few years.

The A's ownership group has been a joke trying to lose after they traded away all their great players before the 2022 season.

The fans deserve better than this awful ownership, and I'm glad they came out a told Fisher to sell. Nobody wants to watch the team they love move away, and they also don't want to watch an owner who has billions of dollars not spend any money on the team he owns.

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