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Now Is The Time For Myles Garrett To Win Defensive Player Of The Year

For Cleveland Brown’s defensive end Myles Garrett, it is now time for him to take home some individual hardware and win the 2022 NFL Defensive Player of the Year Award.

The NFL season is right around the corner, and it’s already time to start making predictions for NFL season awards.

Garrett, who is 26 years old will be entering his sixth season in the NFL, and this could be the most important one for him yet.

Garrett has been so close to winning the award, but he has fallen short the past couple of seasons.

When the Browns drafted Garrett first overall in the 2017 NFL Draft, they were getting a very good football player, but he turned out to be a fantastic player for a franchise that desperately needed star power.

Myles Garrett’s Rookie Year

Garrett’s rookie year was a little disappointing. He ended up missing the first four games and only playing in a total of 11 and starting nine of those games. The Browns did end up going 0-16 that season, and that has nothing to do with Garrett, but it had to be very disappointing and hard to put work in each week when you just keep losing games.

Garrett finished with a total of seven sacks in his rookie year and that was a pretty good number for a rookie who only played in 11 games.

The main thing Garrett needed to do in year two was make sure his durability wasn’t an issue moving forward and it sure wasn’t.

Second Season

Garrett ended up playing in all 16 games in his second year in 2018 having 13.5 sacks and making the NFL All-Pro second team.

The 2018 season was finally a season that gave Browns fans hope that the franchise was turning around, and Garrett was one of the biggest parts of that.

Garrett made himself a household name in the NFL after that season and he was talked about as a favorite to win defensive player of the year in his third season.

Third Season

Garrett’s third season is one he probably wishes he could have back. The entire Browns team was a mess in 2019 and Garrett played a huge role in that.

Garrett had a total of ten sacks over ten games played and he was on pace to finish a great individual season.

The day November 14th, 2019 came and changed Garrett’s career forever.

It was Thursday night and the Browns welcomed in their rivals the Pittsburgh Steelers. Mason Rudolph got the start at quarterback for the Steelers due to an injured Ben Roethlisberger and the Browns ended up winning that game.

The main story of that game was not that the Browns won it but what happened in the last final minutes of that game.

Garrett and Rudolph got into it and next thing you know Garrett is hitting Rudolph in the head with Rudolph’s own helmet. Garrett ended up being ejected from the game and suspended for the last six games of the season.

Garrett’s shot at winning defensive player of the year was over and any hopes for the Browns making the playoff was just about done.

Garrett needed his fourth season to come quickly. He needed to change the narrative surrounding him and he could only do that by showing up on Sundays.

Fourth Season

Garrett and the Cleveland Browns got off to a great start in the 2020 season and Garrett was playing out of his mind. The Browns were winning football games and it seemed like nobody even remembered what Garrett did a year ago against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The Browns were finally going to get the playoff drought off their backs, but Garrett ended up coming down with Covid-19 in the late part of the season and his season was just never the same after that.

Garrett had a total of nine sacks heading into week ten when he tested positive for Covid-19. He ended up missing two games and he came back for the last five regular-season games. He only had a total of two and a half sacks in those five games and you could tell that Covid probably got to him. There were times he didn’t look like himself and any shot at winning defensive player of the year was over.

The Browns ended up winning a wild card playoff game against the Steelers that season and I’m sure Garrett would rather have that than some individual award. 

Fifth Season

The 2021 season came along, and the Browns were supposed to be a team that was going to be on the top of the NFL world. The only problem was they ended up playing some horrible football and not even sniffing the playoffs.

As for Garrett, his 2021 season was pretty good. He had a career game in week three when he sacked Bears rookie quarterback Justin Fields four and half times. Garrett ended up being in the conversation for defensive player of the year the entire season, but he came up short yet again.

Garrett had a total of 16 sacks over a 17-game span, but he fell off again late in the season. He only had one sack in his last four games and that probably cost him the award.

To make matters worse for Garrett his divisional rival the edge for the Pittsburgh Steelers T.J Watt brought home defensive player of the year.

If Garrett wants to be known as one of the best defensive players in the NFL, he needs to start beating out T.J Watt who has been better than him the last couple of seasons.

Watt was also drafted in the first round of the 2017 NFL draft with the 30th pick and he has been the best edge in the AFC North for a few seasons.


I think the 2022 season will be a very good year for Garrett and the Browns. Garrett gets his running mate back in defensive end Jadeveon Clowney and he also has one of the best secondary’s in the NFL behind him.

The Brown’s defense is talented enough for Garrett to be able to make huge plays this season and I think he will finally win defensive player of the year.



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