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November Reign: Colts Undefeated In November

Well, we are undefeated in November. I'm surprised but excited! Next, we face Tennessee who won by a touchdown against Carolina, whom we dominated 27-13. I think we'll dominate the Titans as well.

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Colts Are Hungry

This team is hungry! We are led by a coach who is ambitious and driven. I admire Steichen for his determination. As evident from the above video, our team's objective was to perform at our best in November and December, and that's exactly what the Colts are doing. They made it through November, undefeated, and are in the playoffs if the season ends today.

Funny But True

Sometimes I wonder what's happening with the Colts. We release Leonard, only to bring him back a few days later to honor him. Makes no sense to me, but it was kind of a slap in the face. It's like they were saying: " Hey! Look we can do it without you." Especially after his replacement, Ronnie Harrison Jr got an interception.

JT's Back

Jonathon Taylor is officially back after his first two touchdown games this year. Taylor has been subjected to two drug tests this year. However, it seems that the random drug tests conducted by the league are not so random after all. Darius was tested shortly after his one impressive performance this year, which leads one to believe that the league only tests players who perform well. It would be more transparent if the league just stated that they conduct drug tests on players who excel in their performance.

With that being said, it is time to focus on the task at hand in Tennessee. Instead of trying to stop Derrick Henry, our goal should be to contain him. I believe that this will be one of Gardner's strongest performances of the season. He simply needs to remain calm and concentrate. Although Taylor will have another impressive game, I predict that Pittman and Downs will score touchdowns. My score prediction is that the Colts will win 38-13.

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