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This Is Not Your Typical Mel Kiper NFL Mock Draft

As the title suggests, this mock draft is not your ordinary one. We are going to stir things up and delve into it. This is just the beginning, so expect changes to come. Firstly, the draft pool has a plethora of talented quarterbacks and massive offensive tackles. Additionally, defensive talent is abundant in this draft all across the board.

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Chicago Is On The Clock

And we have a trade!!!!

The Chicago Bears will trade the number one pick to the Minnesota Vikings. The Bears will receive the eleventh pick, the forty-third pick, and the 104th pick this year. They will also receive next year's first and fourth-rounder.

Minnesota Is On The Clock

The Vikings have traded up for a quarterback they believe in. After a disappointing season when Kirk Cousins went down, they hope to secure their guy at the position. With the first overall pick, the Minnesota Vikings have selected Caleb Williams. Williams will be reunited with his former teammate Jordan Addison and will undoubtedly please Justin Jefferson.

The Minnesota Vikings will get the first pick in the draft and trade away their 12th, 43rd, and 105th picks this year. The Bears will also receive a first-round pick next year along with a second-round pick.

Washington Is Now On The Clock

Given that the Commanders are now on the clock, it is quite evident that they need to pick a quarterback. Although they might have a new coach by then, I believe they will still prioritize this position. While Sam Howell is not the franchise quarterback and I think that was obvious throughout the season.

It remains to be seen whether they will go with a safe pick or take a risk. Unfortunately, this organization has not impressed me, and I fear that whoever they choose will not be utilized to their full potential. Nevertheless, I wish Drake Maye the best of luck. He has the benefit of playing with some talented players, but it is uncertain who his coach will be.

New England Is On The Clock

It's the Patriot's turn. I'll be honest a quarterback won't help this team. They need a wide receiver badly. So why not get the best guy on the board in Marvin Harrison Jr. He's already 15 times better than anyone on the roster now. They could also find a steal at quarterback in the second.

Arizona Is On The Clock

The Cardinals have several positions that need to be filled, but given that their new coach is a defensive specialist, I believe that selecting Dallas Turner from Alabama is the wisest decision. In my opinion, he was already ready to play professionally last year. Though he is just one player, he has the potential to dominate defense and disrupt the quarterback at any time, as evidenced by his success against Jayden Daniels, the Heisman Trophy winner.

The Chargers Are On The Clock

The Chargers have the fifth pick and they require urgent assistance with their offensive line. Therefore, I believe that they should select the best available tackle in the draft, and that player is Joe Alt. This move would provide the necessary protection for Justin Herbert, ensuring the team's future success.

The Giants Are On The Clock

The Giants had a disappointing season, and although they could use a new quarterback, I don't think they will go in that direction. This is because they are already paying their current quarterback 40 million. Instead, I believe that the Giants should prioritize protecting their assets, and that means drafting the second-best offensive lineman on the board Olumuyiwa Fashanu.

Tennessee Is On The Clock

The Titans recently fired head coach Mike Vrabel. As of right now, they could use help in almost every position, so in this case, you take the best guy available defensively. Their defense has fallen off from what it was 3 or 4 years ago. I have the Titans selecting Terrion Arnold, a corner out of Alabama. He's long and has explosive speed. He's patient during the play and makes the right play at the right time.

Atlanta Is On The Clock

This name may shock people but it is no question the Atlanta Falcons need a quarterback. They have all the weapons, but no one to get them the ball. Sorry, but Ridder isn't a franchise quarterback. With the ninth pick in the NFL draft, the Atlanta Falcons select Heisman Trophy winner, Jayden Daniels from LSU. Jayden Daniels is my favorite quarterback prospect in this draft. I think he's the guy and if put into the right situation. Jayden Daniels will be a great quarterback in the league.

The Bears Are Back On The Clock

This is the Bear's actual pick. After trading their first pick for an impressive haul. I see them going for the best guy on the board and that's Malik Nabers. No matter what some may Nabers was the best wide receiver in the country, but for some reason, he wasn't the Biletnikoff Award winner. He is a top-10 draft pick and second wide receiver that should be taken off the board.

The Jets Are On The Clock

The Jets are hoping that Aaron Rodgers will return next season. However, even though they probably should draft a future franchise quarterback, I don't see them pulling a Green Bay. Instead, I think they'll go with Brock Bowers, the tight end from Georgia. He kept Georgia in games they should have never been in. Not only is he a red zone threat, but he's also an excellent blocker. I don't usually compare players, but I do see a little bit of George Kittle in him.

The Chicago Bears Are Back On The Clock

This is an easy pick in my eyes. You take the best guy available. I have the Bears taking Chop Robinson with this pick. You have to work on the defense. Rumors are Matt Eberflus will remain the head coach, so I see him building his trenches, so he can attach the opposing quarterback. Robinson is listed at 6 foot 3 inches and 250 pounds. Also, according to reports, he runs a 4.4. That's a machine, not a human if you ask me.

Denver is On The Clock

This may shock some people, but I have Michael Penix as a top-15 draft pick and almost top-10, but because of need, he will fall to the Broncos here. Sean Payton will get the quarterback of the future with Michael Penix. Penix didn't look his best against Michigan, but he had some bad breaks thanks to his offensive line.

The Raiders Are On The Clock

The Las Vegas Raiders hold the 13th pick in the upcoming draft. They have multiple needs to address this off-season, so the team's strategy should be to select the best available player. The top-rated player on the board at this pick is Kool-Laid McKinstry, a cornerback from the University of Alabama. Kool-Laid is the last in a line of exceptional cornerbacks coached by Nick Saban, and he could have been a first-round pick in the previous draft. However, he chose to return to school to improve his skills and help his team attempt to win a National Championship.

New Orleans Is On The Clock

New Orleans is looking to improve their performance on both offense and defense, but they can't ignore the potential of Jer'Zhan Newton. Newton had an impressive season with the Fighting Illini of Illinois, recording 26 solo tackles and 7.5 sacks. Adding Newton to their already-stacked defensive line could give the Saints an even stronger defense.

Indianapolis Is On The Clock

The Indianapolis Colts are currently on the clock for the NFL draft. It has been confirmed that the team will be retaining Gus Bradley as their defensive coordinator, which means they will not be relying heavily on blitzing. Therefore, the Colts need a talented edge rusher.

Typically, they rely on a committee approach for their defensive line, but they could use an every-down player like Laiatu Latu. He is a perfect fit for the team's defense, standing at an impressive 6'4" and weighing 265 pounds, with the speed to take on the best tackles in the league.

Seattle Is On The Clock

Seattle has the 16th pick. I believe that in the first round, they should focus on building a strong receiving corps by selecting Rome Odunze from Washington. He is an impressive athlete, standing at 6'3" and weighing 200 pounds with a 4.34 40 run time. Although he may not have the best separation skills, he compensates with his exceptional body control and quick reflexes to make plays and break into the open field.

Jacksonville Is On The Clock

The Jaguars fell apart there at the end of the season. Trevor Lawerance was battling injuries and the team slowly fell apart. They must build from the trenches and get the edge rusher Jared Verse from Florida State. Verse is impressive in size and speed. At 6'4" and 250 pounds he's coming in at the same height as Myles Garret. He still has some weight to gain, but that is about the only thing to do with him. I think he is the perfect fit for the Jaguars defense.

Cincinnati Is On The Clock

The Bengals may require another wide receiver due to the decline in performance of Tee Higgins. One potential addition could be Keon Coleman. Coleman is a talented wide receiver from Florida State. Coleman previously played for Michigan State, where he showcased his skills by scoring 7 touchdowns in his sophomore year.

 After transferring to Florida State, he further improved his game, scoring 11 touchdowns and maintaining an average of around 13 yards per reception. In addition to his impressive receiving skills, Coleman is also an excellent kick returner, has breakaway speed, and is a threat in the red zone. He would be an excellent addition to the Bengal's roster after the disappearance of Tee Higgins.

Green Bay Is On The Clock

The Packers are currently picking at a lower position, but they may end up even further down the list. As of now, with the 19th pick in the NFL draft, I predict they will select JC Latham from Alabama. Latham is a giant of a player, standing at 6'6" and weighing over 300 pounds. He is exactly what every team wants on the right side and the perfect protector for future star Jordan Love.

Tampa Bay Is On The Clock

And just like that, we have another trade!

Tampa Bay has traded the 20th pick and a 2025 7th-round pick to the San Francisco 49ers for the 31st and 63rd pick in the draft.

San Francisco Is On The Clock

The San Francisco 49ers are now on the clock after trading up. With a strong offensive lineup, it would be wise to invest in an insurance policy for quarterback Brock Purdy. To do so, the team should consider selecting one of the top offensive tackles in the country, Taliese Fuaga. Fuaga is a highly skilled athlete who is ready to start from day one in the NFL draft. Standing tall at 6'6" and weighing over 330 pounds, Fuaga is an impressive player who is more than capable of handling the league's best defensive ends.

Arizona Is Back On The Clock

The Arizona Cardinals have already strengthened their defense by selecting Dallas Turner in their previous pick, and now they are on the clock again. It would be wise for them to add a receiver to complement Kyler Murray. It is unlikely that the Cardinals will move on from Murray, so enhancing their defense and getting a new weapon would be the best course of action.

My choice for the Cardinals is Brian Thomas Jr. He had a thousand-yard season, just like his teammate Malik Nabers. LSU is well-known for being a top university for producing wide receivers, and I believe Thomas has what it takes to join the likes of Jamar Chase, Odell Beckham Jr., and Justin Jefferson.

The Rams Are On The Clock

The Los Angeles Rams will be picking 22nd in this year's NFL Draft. I anticipate that they will select Amarius Mims from Georgia to protect the new quarterback, Matthew Stafford. Mims is a behemoth, standing at 6'7" and weighing 330 pounds. He was out of action for a little while in 2023, which could make him available to a team like the Rams. If selected, he would be in a great position to start immediately.

Pittsburgh Is On The Clock

The Pittsburgh Steelers are a team that needs to ensure the safety of their quarterback, regardless of who they choose to go with. While they used to have a strong offensive line, it has recently declined.

Therefore, I predict that they will make a move to improve this area of their team. In my opinion, the best move for the Steelers is to select Graham Barton, a versatile player who can fit multiple roles on the offensive line. Barton played tackle at Duke, but his short arms make him better suited for the guard position in the NFL. With his potential, Barton can help the Pittsburgh Steelers improve their offensive line and thrive in the league.

Miami Is On The Clock

The Dolphins are a great team, but I think they are adding more depth to their already strong cornerback room by selecting Cooper Dejean from Iowa. Cooper is 6'1" and weighs around 210 pounds, which is similar to the size of a linebacker or safety, not a cornerback. He has the speed to keep up and would make a great fit with the Miami Dolphins.

Philadelphia Is On The Clock

The Eagles have a strong offensive lineup, but there have been rumors that AJ Brown has unfollowed the Eagles on social media and removed them from his profiles. Additionally, Brown won't be playing this weekend, so it seems possible that we may have already seen his last game with the Eagles.

Given this situation, I think the Eagles should choose Adonai Mitchell from Texas. At 6'4" and 195 pounds, Mitchell is similar in size to AJ Brown. He had a great season after transferring from Georgia to Texas, with 55 receptions and 845 yards, and even made it to the college football playoffs.

Kansas City Is On The Clock

I believe that the Chiefs won't finish well this year as they have some weaknesses on both offense and defense. However, they can afford to wait and add a new weapon for their quarterback, Mahomes. In the first round of the draft, I predict that the Chiefs will select Nate Wiggins, a cornerback from Clemson. Wiggins is an impressive athlete, excelling in coverage, but he needs to work on his ability to stop the run. Overall, he has the potential to be a well-rounded corner in the NFL.

Houston Is On The Clock

The Houston Texans are theoretically on the clock and I consider them to be the most improved team this season. I believe that they won their trade during last year's draft also. This year, I think they will focus on strengthening their defense. In my opinion, the Texans will select JT Tuimoloau - a defensive end from Ohio State who stands at 6'4" and weighs 277 pounds. Tuimoloau could have been selected in the first round last year, but he chose to stay and improve his skills, just like many others in the first round. If the Texans do select him, it could be another win for them on draft day.

Detroit Is On The Clock

The Lions are also considered to be the most improved team, but they were already the favorites to win their division, so I disagree with that assessment. Although Detroit has a talented team, they could use some additional help in the defensive secondary.

For this reason, I believe they should select Kamren Kichens, a safety from Miami, in the upcoming draft. Although Kichens suffered an injury four months ago, he is expected to be back to top form by the beginning of the season. Kichens is a natural "ball hawk" and would be the perfect addition to a gritty Lions team.

Buffalo Is On The Clock

The Bills haven't been performing well this year. Although they could benefit from another receiver, I think they choose the best available player with this pick. In my opinion, that player is Kamari Lassiter, a cornerback from Georgia. Lassiter is the biggest corner in the draft at 6'0 and 185 pounds, but he is a lockdown defensive player who would fit well in Buffalo's defense.

Dallas Is On The Clock

The Dallas Cowboys have had an outstanding regular season, but it remains uncertain whether they can continue their success in the playoffs. History suggests that their chances are not promising. Despite their impressive performance, they could benefit from some reinforcements on the offensive line.

In my opinion, the Cowboys would benefit from selecting offensive guard Troy Fautanu from the University of Washington in the upcoming draft. Although he is primarily a tackle, he is likely to transition to guard. While some scouts have given him a day 2 grade, I believe that the Cowboys could choose him early due to their other draft picks already being selected.

Tampa Bay Is On The Clock

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers made a hypothetical trade, so that means they will be picking late in the draft. My prediction is that the Bucs will select BYU's upcoming offensive tackle, Kingsley Suamataia. Although Kingsley is still a raw prospect, he has the potential to become a first-round pick in the draft. This could be a great move for the Buccaneers, as they need to protect their current quarterback and potentially build a line for their future quarterback.

Baltimore Is On The Clock

The Ravens may have the last pick in the draft, but they have a well-balanced team and are a strong contender. In my opinion, the Ravens will choose the best player available, who I believe is Kalen King, the corner from Penn State.

Despite his smaller size at 5'11 and 170 pounds, King compensates for it with his exceptional speed and ability to effectively cover opponents. He plays with tenacity and never takes a play-off. I believe that King has the potential to be the biggest steal of the first round for the Ravens in the NFL draft.

NFL Mock Draft Summary

There it is my first-ever NFL mock draft. Let me know in the comments what you think about your team's pick.

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