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Nick Saban Shows Us Once Again Why He Is A Mastermind

Arguably, Nick Saban, the greatest college football coach of all time, is preparing to win his eighth National Championship. On Thursday, he was playing chess while others were playing checkers. 

Alabama will face Michigan in the College Football Playoff on New Year's Day, and Saban went out and hired former Michigan linebacker coach George Helow. 

Helow coached at Michigan in 2021 and 2022 before parting ways earlier in the year, and now Saban will use him to his advantage.

Saban Is A Genius

Saban's brilliant move was to hire Helow and try to find any little insight he had. Michigan probably has different signals and signs since Helow was there. Still, Helow knows most of the players and what defense coordinator Jesse Minter likes to do. 

Let's remember Michigan is in the middle of the sign-stealing investigation, so you better believe that Michigan probably illegally has Alabama signs. 

Michigan should note what Saban did because hiring a former coach to gain an advantage is very legal; spying on teams and recording their signs is highly illegal. 

However, hiring Helow will not be that big of a deal. Alabama is the better football team. They have the better athletes, coaches, and whatever else you can think of. 

Saban probably hired Helow more as a scared tactic and made Michigan spend time changing things up in practice the next few weeks. 

Michigan is already scared enough that they have to face Alabama. They almost peed when they found out they had to play them and not Florida State. 

Saban counties to still make significant moves while everyone else is still a few steps behind. 

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