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NFL 2022: Way Too Early AFC Playoff Picks

Welcome to my American Football Conference way too early playoff picks. Heading into the 2022 season, the AFC is expected to be the superior conference. The reason being is that the NFL is a quarterback-driven league and the AFC arguably has nine elite-level quarterbacks. There’s a huge discrepancy between the AFC and NFC in proven talent at the quarterback position.  This offseason we even saw talent such as Russell Wilson traded to the Denver Broncos, effectively taking his talents to the AFC.

As the season approaches, the excitement around each team’s possibilities is enticing. The NFL schedule was released earlier this week, giving us a closer look at the matchups and team expectations. With a loaded AFC, this season is shaping up to be a memorable one. Here are my AFC playoff picks for the 2022 NFL season!

One Seed: Buffalo Bills (Record: 14-3)

The Buffalo Bills will be the best team in the NFL this upcoming season and will hold the top spot in the AFC. The Bills were arguably the best team last year until thirteen seconds came into play. If you mention thirteen seconds to any Bills fan it will automatically send them into a frenzy. The good news is the Bills will get a shot a redemption with a loaded roster and quite possibly the best all-around quarterback in football. This team is primed for a deep run.

Two Seed: Los Angeles Chargers (Record: 11-6)

The Los Angeles Chargers have been a team on the rise since drafting quarterback Justin Herbert. They’ve been knocking on the proverbial playoff door and this year I believe they kick it down. I have the Chargers edging out the Chiefs and winning the AFC West division for the first time since 2009. With Herbert entering year three, expectations are high, and rightfully so. This quarterback has all the ability and tools to lead this talented team all the way.

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Three Seed: Baltimore Ravens (Record: 11-6)

The Baltimore Ravens are my Darkhorse team in 2022. There’s something transcendent about Lamar Jackson on and off the field that I believe will permeate thought the team this year. The Ravens were riddled with injuries derailing their 2021 season. With everyone coming back healthy and coming off a  solid draft class, the Ravens are poised to get back on track. In addition to the Ravens improvements, the AFC North has a window of opportunity available. Both the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Cleveland Browns quarterback situation have question marks entering the 2022 season!

Four Seed: Indianapolis Colts (Record: 10-7)

The Indianapolis Colts are a team that is difficult to measure. The Colts view themselves as a team that underachieved a season ago and therefore made a direct change to the quarterback position. With the acquisition of veteran quarterback Matt Ryan, the team expects to take that next step. I believe Ryan will provide sound leadership and stability, however, I don’t view the move overall as a significant improvement. The main reason for Colt’s success in 2022 will be their rushing attack coupled with the decline of the Tennessee Titans and a weak AFC South division.

Five Seed: Kansas City Chiefs (Record: 11-6)

The Kansas City Chiefs will make the playoffs as they to due annually with Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes leading the way. The difference this year is they will have to scratch and claw to the finish line. With the loss of key players like Tyreek Hill and Tyrann Mathieu along with an improving division around them, this season will be a challenging one.

Six Seed: Cincinnati Bengals (Record: 10-7)

After a Cinderella-storied season that almost concluded with confetti falling, the Cincinnati Bengals will be hard-pressed to repeat last year’s success. The Bengals proved they will be a force to reckon with within the AFC for years to come. Quarterback Joe Burrow is the right man to lead this team and showed the caliber of poise and grit you only see in special players. The Bengals difficulties in 2022 will be the strength of their opponents, in particular down the stretch. They close out the season with a gauntlet that includes KC, CLE, TB, NE, BUF, and BAL.

Seven Seed: Denver Broncos (Record: 10-7)

The Denver Broncos are my final playoff team to come out of the AFC in 2022. The Broncos led by their newly acquired franchise quarterback Russell Wilson, will be a fun team to follow this season. After trading away multiple picks and assets for Wilson, the team has adopted a win-now mentality. While I believe it will take a few weeks to get the offense rolling, this team has what it takes to make noise in 2022.

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