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Next Man Up For The Buffalo Bills

What's Happening At Middle Linebacker?

On Wednesday, Tyrel Dodson found himself on the field for a majority of the reps with the first team. The only issue with that amongst fans is that the Bills have chosen two predominantly weak-side linebackers in the third round of the draft the last two years. While Terrel Bernard and Dorian Williams each got a few reps with the first team at MLB, neither of them were mainstays for the day. It isn't completely shocking to hear that McDermott is allowing a veteran player to prove himself during training camp but the team seems to be contradicting themselves a bit with the younger players.

Earlier in the off-season McDermott said at a press conference that Dorian Williams would get a chance to learn the MLB position in this new scheme and be allowed to start at that spot, however, it seems that tone has changed. After practice, GM Brandon Beane said that Dorian Williams is staying put at WLB for now. A bit of a disappointing announcement since Matt Milano is only getting better and seems to be in no rush to hand over that position. This leaves fans wondering how Williams can fit into the scheme for the future. As of now theposition still feels as wide open as any for this roster.

Heading into the season, getting more out of the position on a team ready to take the next step is going to be extremely important with the recent departure of Tremaine Edmunds.

Vets Getting Opportunities Or Young Players Not Showing Enough?

To seemingly nobody's surprise, Dane Jackson started at CB2 across from Tre White during first-team reps. Jackson, heading into his fourth season is bound to be very comfortable in the system and continues to get his opportunity to show that he's capable of being a starter in the league.

Christian Benford showed some real promise last season before ending up on the Injured Reserve after their week 12 win against the Detroit Lions. Benford has also taken his fair share of first-team reps during camp. He had an impressive interception over Diggs on a pass from Josh Allen, showcasing the stellar ball skills that we saw from him at Villanova. Although still early in the process, Benford seems to have a leg up in practice snaps over last season's first-round pick Kaiir Elam.

Elam showed a ton of promise and athleticism in college at Florida, though mainly coming in a Man scheme compared to the Bills heavy use of Zone schemes. The assumption was always that Kaiir would take a bit of time to get used to the scheme and understand his role better but fans are eagerly waiting to see that progress in game. Kaiir was drafted to presumably be the team's CB2 alongside Tre White and while seeing Benford's development is promising, you wonder how far along Elam is before taking his next step.

The Bills have always used vet options to bandaid the position across from Tre White at CB2 so the recent investment in the position is promising. Fans will have to keep an eye out on this camp battle until the season starts to see how these young players perform.

Is O'Cyrus Torrence Ready To Start For A Contending Bills team?

This past draft left the Bills with the opportunity to draft potentially the best value Guard in this draft in O'Cyrus Torrence. Torrence is a bit of a different lineman than the athletic specimens that the Bills usually go after, however, his talent and success in college are undeniable. Fans are hopeful to see that production transfer to the NFL.

He has the size and strength to make it happen. Torrence found himself playing with the second team for a majority of his reps. He'll have to prove himself to earn that RG spot over veteran players like Ryan Bates and David Edwards.

The Bills are poised to be contenders toward the top of the AFC yet again this season, however, they will need major contributions from these young players. The camp battles over the next couple of weeks before the season starts will be a great opportunity for them to prove themselves and help lead this team to a championship.


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