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New York Giants 2024 NFL Draft Plan 1.0

Giants fans are going to want a Quarterback in April. I get it, but is it worth it beyond the Top three (Caleb Williams, Drake Maye, Jayden Daniels)? Do you feel more comfort and upside with your current Daniel Jones situation going with QB4-6? Those three are in debatable order: Michael Penix Jr., J.J. McCarthy, and Bo Nix. You very well might say yes. For this Draft exercise, we are attacking value and rolling with DJ 2024.

#6 - Malik Nabers, WR, LSU, 6'0, 200

Caleb Williams, Drake Maye, and Jayden Daniels aren’t reaching #6. This is respectfully a reach for QB4 in the immediate impact versus Daniel Jones. You aren’t flushing all that money for QB4. It has to be either your preference of Nabers/Rome Odunze or whichever one is left. It’s simple, there is not a WR1 on this roster. Wan’Dale Robinson, Jalin Hyatt, Darius Slayton, Sterling Shepard, etc. have WR2 ceilings, regardless of contract or future status. Nabers is a Top three WAR in this Draft class and has an elite playmaking burst. Bang for your buck, this is the biggest immediate impact possible for Brian Daboll and Joe Schoen. 

#39 - Graham Barton, OG, Duke, 6'5, 314

One can legitimately foresee reps for Barton at all five offensive line positions. He’s going to make his money on the interior though. Barton might not be a “thrilling” or “pretty” (I hate the word “sexy”) pick, but like my Top 100 1.0 Big Board suggests, Barton is a bottom Round one talent. The value is too good here to match a need and aid Daniel Jones to pass up. John Michael Schmitz paired next to Barton is a nasty young interior combo.

#47 - Brandon Dorlus, Edge, Oregon, 6'3, 272

A slimmer weight at the Senior Bowl than his originally listed 291 hints at a commitment to Edge versus interior. Still, the versatility is there to match the Giants’ needs. Dorlus’s body habitus fits the defense schematically.

#70 - Payton Wilson, LB, NC State, 6'4, 234

Production-wise, this is the best linebacker. Take away the injury history and this is Linebacker #1. The athletic range to go sideline to sideline and never get lost in space or tight coverage is so high he’s immediately contributing to the rotation and he’s making Cam Brown sweat as far as a starting spot.

#107 - Jaden Hicks, S, Washington State, 6'3, 215

Hicks is a Top 100 player for me, and he could be a process riser. If you get him Round four, you stole him, he has a late Round two ceiling. So big, so physical, such a hot motor, he’s so well physically built to last in the NFL. There’s respectfully not a soul in that safety room worth noting past Xavier McKinney.

#139 - Kris Abrams-Draine, CB, Missouri, 5'11, 173

Abrams-Draine will get knocked a little for being light in the jeans, but the nickel productivity and SEC experience make him an immediate rotation contributor with starter upside. There’s respectfully not a nickel on the roster that’s worth writing about.

#184 - Luke McCaffrey, WR, Rice, 6'1 1/2, 202

Yes, he’s his little brother and that's his Dad. McCaffrey could rise higher than this spot through the process, starting with a strong Senior Bowl in Mobile. Tough slot receiver with good speed and is a good separator. Day three depth contributor early who knows the NFL life already.

So What Did We Accomplish Here?

You give Daniel Jones potentially the most immediate impact player in the Draft (Nabers), a Day One starting offensive interior Swiss Army Knife who can play all five positions in Barton, and a versatile Edge defender who can play inside and is a dream schematic fit in Dorlus. You continue attacking the board plan in Round three with a starting linebacker, a starting safety, a value nickel, and lastly a speedy pedigree slot receiver with a lifetime of NFL experience. 

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