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New Stars Feel At Home With Patriots: Four Players Who Dominated At Training Camp

This article will explore how these new faces on the Patriots have been shining at camp and how they could be a considerable impact on the field.

After a few days into training camp, new faces on the patriots have been shining and showing off their skill, looking comfortable in New England. Although we are a month away from opening day, these players seem to be paving the way to having a great season and an even better career on the Patriots.

Patriots Shining Lineman: Cole Strange

One of the most underrated picks in the draft, Left Guard rookie Cole Strange has already left a mark on his teammates in camp. As a fun game, they had him catch punts, and he ended up catching them, which impressed players and coaches alike.

Nobody expected his catching skills to be displayed, and he got praise for his diverse skill set and his athleticism. Mac Jones praised him, saying he didn’t know he could do that, and was shocked that he had that skill.

Belichick even commented after the camp that he’s a young rising shining star and could become a dangerous threat at the offensive line. He also commented on his work ethic, his heart to play with the team, and how he’s a big team player and will do anything to win.

Cole Strange offers much protection for Mac on the left side of the field, which is good since it reduces the risk of QB injury. Hopefully, Cole Strange picks up where he left off and continues to dominate at camp.

Patriots Shining Receiver: DeVante Parker

Recently traded to the Patriots, DeVante Parker has shown how much of a dominant shining force he could be in the RedZone. One day during camp, he made an insane one-handed grab against Jalen Mills, which impressed players and coaches alike.

It is also worth noticing that Mac Jones’ passing skills were shining, as he instantly had a great connection with Parker, and they had a lot of good receptions. Belichick says he plans on making him the number one receiver and hopes he can have a healthy season and continue to be an excellent red zone threat.

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Patriots Shining Rookies: Tyquan Thornton & Marcus Jones

Tyquan Thornton came into the league as an underrated rookie, and although he was rated as a speedy receiver, he’s hoping to start shining in different aspects. After having five catches in the last two days in training camp, he says he wants to focus on his strength, catching, and juking to be a key target.

So far, he and Nelson Agholor have been on the backup squad, but his talent proves he can move up quickly. Although this speed demonstrates that he can be a star like Tyreek Hill, it’s still a long way, and hopefully, he gets a starting job in two years.

His teammate, Marcus Jones, is also a rookie and was assigned to guard Thornton during camp. Although he’s far from being a shining star, he did comment on his performance, saying the pacing in the NFL is way different, and he looks to get used to it.

He also already has chemistry with Thornton since they played together before, and both of them, in turn, seem more comfortable in their new home.


The future is shining for the Patriots, and these rookies are paving the way for a successful team that could compete in a few years. Although the season hasn’t started yet, and it’s way too early who will be good or not, these new shining stars seem to feel comfortable in New England.

Hopefully, if the team stays healthy, they can have a chance of being successful and going to the Super Bowl

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