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New England Should Take This WR Day Two Of The NFL Draft

Everyone is focused on what the New England Patriots will do with the third pick overall, which is understandable, but they need to target more than just that pick if they want to build a successful program.

Ideally, that pick is either Jayden Daniels or Drake Maye. Regardless of who the QB is, they must pair them with a pass catcher who can produce. That's why New England should do whatever they can to draft Xavier Legette, WR, out of the University of South Carolina.

Who Is Xavier Legette

Legette is 6'1, 221 pounds, and ran a 4.39 40-yard dash, which is DK Metcalf-esque. He has also dealt with a ton of adversity, losing both his mom and dad while in college. He could've let that affect him negatively. Instead, he came out his redshirt senior year and had his best season yet.

His first four seasons weren't very productive, as he compiled 42 receptions for 423 yards and five touchdowns. In 2023, he had 71 receptions, 1255 yards, and seven touchdowns, averaging 17.7 yards per reception. Late breakout WRs are risky, but few have Legette's size-speed combination.

How Can Legette Fit With The New England Patriots

Legette's size and strength will make him a dominant force in catch-and-run situations, which fits Alex Van Pelt's plan. New England will lean on the run game and use play-action crossers and deep posts to gain chunk plays. He fits in incredibly well with those aspects of the offense.

He can also be used in the screen game. Xavier may not have elite quickness, but his contact balance and ability to produce yards after contact will get him easy touches, making him useful early in his career.

"His transition to the NFL will require improvements in footwork and explosiveness off the line, as well as enhanced ability in the open field. His upside is as high as any receiver in the draft class not called Marvin Harrison, and given this we could see a team falling in love with his athletic traits"

I understand this is just a highlight package, not All-22 tape, but this kid has incredible playmaking ability. Legette's big knocks are his undeveloped route tree and lack of true separation.

I'll be honest: these are not things he is elite at, but I don't think he is incapable of improving his route tree or has zero separation ability. He has enough of both to be successful early on in his career.

He projects as an outside X-receiver who could develop into a top option for the New England Patriots. His ability to create after he gets the ball in his hands and consistency at crossing routes will help a rookie QB tremendously.

End Of Rant

Xavier Legette is a makeup pick for New England, not drafting DK, Deebo, or AJB. This pick could erase the Nkeal Harry selection from our minds. Legette will be a stud worthy of the 34th pick in the NFL Draft.

Pairing him with either Maye or Daniels would be an incredible idea. I hope this organization has learned from its past mistakes. Take risks on high-potential players rather than guys with "safe floors" (Mac Jones, NKeal Harry, Cole Strange).

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