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New England Patriots QB Mac Jones Fantasy Outlook For Upcoming 2022 Season

Mac Jones is a promising young quarterback who should do a lot for the Patriots, but it’s hard to predict his actual numbers week to week. What should fantasy owners watch for with Jones?

Chances are if you’re playing fantasy football this year, your draft is already done and over with. The fate of your team was in your experienced, capable hands but as usual, you managed to blow it and draft the worst team in the league. You told yourself you wouldn’t draft Mac Jones in the 3rd round, but you did and now you’re here. Basically, you’re doing anything you can to salvage your chances before the season is underway.

The New England Patriots don’t have the flashiest options for fantasy football this year, but some players are absolutely going to be serviceable options this year as important depth pieces on fantasy teams all over the globe. We’re going to go over some of the possibilities for New England Patriots QB Mac Jones this season and discuss his possible fantasy impact during the approaching 2022 NFL regular season.

New England Patriots QB Mac Jones

Mac Jones, the Big Mac, Mac Daddy, Macaroni Jesus, McCorkle, or whatever you want to call him. One thing is clear, it’s Mac Jones time in New England. Another thing that’s clear is that he’s being drafted very low in fantasy leagues with an ADP of #164, making him the #22 QB taken on average. Meaning it’s very likely that in your typical non New England based 10-Team fantasy football league, he’s not even going to be rostered and instead be sitting somewhere on top of the free agency list.

This is frankly nothing short of an outrage, and those of us who bleed Patriots blue and red were happy to sneak him onto our teams as a late-round sleeper and flier pick. It’s never been more obvious to me that a young starting QB was going to be a factor in this league than it has been for us with Mac Jones.

It might be a tough season overall for the Patriots but I think Mac Jones finishes somewhere closer to the #10-#14 best QB and puts up a couple of gaudy games throughout the year that makes for some eye-popping fantasy stats. He’s not going to be the most consistent player in the league or of all time, but he’s going to win games when he can, and he’s going to be relentless in the pursuit of such. It’s clear to me that anytime Mac Jones gets a chance to put up big numbers, he’s going to make the most of that chance and milk as many stats as he can.

If his college stats (41 TDs in 2020) and record don’t convince you, think back to last year’s Patriots game versus the New York Jets during week seven. Mac Jones threw was 24 for 36 with 307 yards and two TDs. He likely would’ve had much gaudier stats, but this was also one of the games where Kendrick Bourne threw a TD pass and backup QB Brian Hoyer also took a few snaps and threw for 79 yards.

If Mac gets those extra stats or not is irrelevant to the argument, either way, this is a starting caliber fantasy game from an NFL QB and if he can put together these types of games on a weekly basis against actual non-Jets NFL teams, chances are he’ll end the year right around the number 10 fantasy QB and will probably start projecting as a top-five QB for next years draft.

Key Match-Ups

Chances are if you’re in a regular non-dynasty fantasy league this year, you’re probably not going to be rostering or playing Mac Jones. That doesn’t necessarily mean you shouldn’t though, as, at certain points throughout this season, Mac could be and should be a great plug-and-play option should you find yourself dealing with an injury or bye weeks within the position of QB.

The match-ups where Mac Jones is most likely going to excel are as follows:

October 9th Vs. Detroit Lions October 16th @ Cleveland Browns October 24th Vs. Chicago Bears October 30th @ New York Jets November 20th Vs. New York Jets

These games all basically happen between weeks five and eight of the regular season, a span where I’m expecting Mac Jones to put up beefy numbers and be a serious contributor/hamburger helper for fantasy teams. After he pops off during this initial four-week stretch and also probably the Patriots week 10 showdown against the Jets, his stats will likely diminish over the course of the rest of the regular season and may leave most fantasy owners underwhelmed with his performance.

There is also always the chance that Macaroni Jesus comes out next season and throws four TDs a game on his way to a league-MVP award and another New England Patriots Super Bowl, there’s obviously no way any of us can know for sure what’s going to happen.

Here’s to number seven, and seven more in the future under New England’s shining mini-goat Big Mac: Mac Jones.

Patriots @ Miami

The first game of the regular season is finally almost here. The Patriots are slated to kick off at 1:00 PM on Sunday, September 11th against the Miami Dolphins in Miami. Fans everywhere are eager with anticipation to get a first glimpse of how effective our teams are going to be through an actual full-length NFL game.

The Patriots have seemingly gained an underdog status coming into the season, and if you’ve been following the New England Patriots over the last 20 years or so, you know exactly what that could mean for this team. The Patriots (or basically any sports team, anywhere) are almost unanimously better when they have something to prove, and someone to spite. Go Pats!

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