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Myles Garrett Has Added One Of The NFL's Prized Possessions

On Thursday, Cleveland Browns' defensive end, Myles Garrett, was named the 2023 NFL Defensive Player Of The Year at the NFL Honors. 

Garrett has been known as one of the best defensive players in the NFL but had yet to win Defensive Player Of The Year, and now all the haters can finally stop knocking the guy, saying he will never win the award. 

Garrett was the leader of a Browns defense that made a massive turnaround from the 2022 season to 2023, and Garrett and the rest of the defense had to pick up a Browns team that was losing everyone on offense, from quarterback Deshaun Watson to running back Nick Chubb to a handful of offensive lineman. 

Garrett started the season scorching, getting after the quarterback and recording 12.5 sacks in the first ten games. However, he fell off big time, only recording one sack in his last seven games, including the playoff game against the Houston Texans.  

If you know anything about Garrett, he is getting doubled and tripled teams like crazy and still led the league in pass rush win rate, according to Pro Football Focus. 

Just because his stats went down late in the season doesn't mean he shouldn't have won the award; what he did in the first half of the year, keeping his team in games and winning them when the Browns were starting a new quarterback each week, says how great of a player Garrett truly is. 

Garrett deserves the award; who cares if you don't like it? Garrett is the best defensive player in the game right now, and it's about time he gets shown the love he deserves. 

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