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My Top 5 Impressive Offensive Plays From The Patriots Dynasty

Throughout the Patriots dynasty, some impressive plays have won the most important games in franchise history. There have been plays by Quarterbacks, Wide Receivers, Tight Ends, and even Kickers that have changed the course of Patriots history.

Today, this article aims to go back to memory road and reminisce about the impressive plays made in the past, specifically the top-five offensive plays.

Five: Brady’s 03′ Touchdown To Troy Brown Vs. The Dolphins

In a 2003 regular-season game against the Dolphins, the Patriots were battling for a division lead against Miami, and it was a close one. The game itself was impressive, as both defenses were showing out, and the game went into overtime with a 13-13 score.

However, as soon as Patriots got the ball, Tom Brady launched an 82-yard pass to Troy Brown to win the game in overtime. Although this may be a typical OT play in a specific regular-season game, this one mattered the most since not only did the Patriots win the division that year.

In addition, they made a big playoff push and won the Super Bowl. In modern times, this is also impressive, considering that the Patriots have the worst luck in Miami, and this is one of the few thrillers they managed to win there.

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Four: Brady And Moss Make History

In 2007, in a game against the New York Giants, Brady and Moss broke records with this impressive TD. During the last game, Tom Brady threw a TD pass to Randy Moss to beat the Giants 38-35, breaking three single-season records.

Moss broke the single-season TD record with 23, Brady broke the single-season TD passing record with 50, and completed the first 16-0 season in NFL history. On the same darn play. The Patriots ended up going on to the super bowl and losing to the Giants in what was a bummer for the Patriots fans.

Nonetheless, this impressive play happened to break so many records in one game, showing the connection Moss and Brady had.

Three: Edelman Pass To Amendola

During the 2014 divisional game, it was a frigid game in New England, and Brady and Flacco were going back to back with scoring drives. However, this play was impressive since Brady wasn’t the only one slinging the ball.

Late in the third quarter, during a trick play, Julian Edelman threw a 51-yard touchdown to Danny Amendola to tie the game. This play got the momentum up for the Patriots, and they ended up beating the Ravens 35-31 and advancing to the AFC championship.

Julian Edelman did play as a QB in Kent State, and it was cool to see his true arm come out and was an impressive throw down the field.

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Two: Vinatieri’s 01′ OT Kick Vs. The Raiders

This particular play goes back to when the dynasty began. Although there were many great plays in this game alone, this one stands out the most. The 2001 divisional game against the Raiders was a brutal snowy game and Brady’s first steps to becoming a six-time champion.

After the Patriots failed to convert on fourth down, Adam Vinatieri made an impressive 45-yard game-tying field goal in a blizzard to send the Patriots to overtime.

Eventually, the Patriots get the ball and end up winning in overtime, which advances them to what would be their first Super Bowl victory. Without this impressive kick from Vinatieri, it would be impossible to know if Brady would have the momentum to come back next season to win.

This kick marks the Patriots’ dynasty, beginning Brady’s path of domination and the Pats’ incredible success this decade. 

One: The Edelman Catch Vs. The Falcons

The Patriots were on their run to win their fifth super bowl, and it was a challenging game against the Falcons. The Falcons dominated, leading 28-3 during halftime. After that, the game looked like it was slipping away.

However, thanks to drives by Brady and impressive defensive stops, the Patriots were able to come back little by little. However, one play that determined the game was Brady throwing the ball to Edelman in triple coverage. To many people’s surprise, he caught it!

Not only was this one of the most impressive and clutched catches in history, but it advanced the Patriots down the field to get the game-tying touchdown.

Patriots ended up winning in overtime, 34-28, making it the best comeback in sports history, and with the help of Edelman, Brady got his fifth ring.


Overall, the Patriots had so many great plays led by Brady during the franchise, but these plays specifically benefitted their playoff runs and their super bowl victories.

It will be challenging to build someone as impressive as Brady out of nothing, but Patriots fans can only hope that Mac Jones is the future and can recreate the past.

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