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My Favorite Receiver In The 2024 NFL Draft

Today we will be taking a look at yet another Wide Receiver from this stacked 2024 Draft Class. The focal point of today’s prospect profile is Oregon Ducks Star, Troy Franklin. If you are new to this series, the purpose of these Prospect profiles is to analyze The player's strengths, Areas for improvement, scheme Fit, team fits, pro comparison, and overall draft projection. 

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Troy Franklin is a 6’3 188 188-pound 20 year 20-year-old receiver who offers incredible speed for the position. Franklin is expected to run in the mid 4.3’s, which in my opinion is pretty much elite speed, but some people’s opinions vary. Franklin is producing a season for the ages for the Oregon Ducks, at the time of recording, Franklin has 68 catches for 1,221 yards and 13 touchdowns, while averaging an incredible 18 yards per catch. 

What I love about Franklin is his ability to line up anywhere in the offensive formation. Franklin is a natural separator due to his quickness off the line of scrimmage and his speed, so he can win vertically on the outside, and horizontally in the slot. When Franklin has the ball in his hands in space, look out. He reminds me of Odell Beckham Jr. Once he is in space, he is a threat to house it on any play, with the creativity and shiftiness to run through an entire defense. Franklin fights his way off the line of scrimmage against press coverage, showing quick, violent hands and good balance. 

He shows excellent body control and spatial awareness, especially on the sideline, Franklin can tightrope his way up the field for extra yardage and wins down the field with plenty of room for the quarterback to throw toward the sideline comfortably. Franklin Has a tremendous football IQ. His timing with Nix has become outstanding over the past 2 seasons, as he adjusts well to timing throws on the boundary. 

They have a good feeling on scramble drills of how to work to space together. Even on quicker passing concepts, Franklin has shown a good feel for finding space around zone defenders. Franklin does well to alter his path and pace to ensure he’s attacking the football at an ideal point relative to the leverage of defenders. He shows strong hands away from his body, and the ability to extend and take advantage of his length with a huge catch radius.


Troy Franklin, just like every other prospect, has his weaknesses, or areas to improve upon. Franklin has a great frame, he has long arms and a lanky body. But he is a little too lean for me right now, I would like to see him add about 10-12 pounds before he gets on an NFL Field. Franklin relies on his quick release and violent hands to work through press coverage at the line of scrimmage. But strong boundary corners at the NFL Level will be able to work through his hands and knock him off at the line of scrimmage. A bit more muscle and play strength should help a ton. 

I’m a bit concerned about Franklin’s consistency at the catch point, as well, due to his frame. I appreciate the ball skills and focus, but more physical defenders at the pro level will provide much more in the way of resistance as he attempts to high-point or adjust back-shoulder to timing throws. When asked to block, Franklin does a poor job. It may not be a bit deal to some, but being at the very least an average blocker at the NFL Level makes the transition that much easier. Franklin can engage, but he doesn’t sustain his blocks for very long at all and occasionally gets caught flat out whiffing on an attempt. 


In terms of a scheme fit for Troy Franklin, I would love to see him as a Z or Y receiver in a downfield passing game with pre-snap motion. Any type of vertical passing attack will do, to be honest, Franklin is a natural separator, so motioning him pre-snap will create even more problems for the opposition. 


Here are five teams that I think could look to draft Troy Franklin in the 2024 NFL Draft:

Baltimore Ravens

I recently spoke about AD Mitchell being a good fit here, and I feel the same way about Franklin. It's a speedy downfield threat that the Ravens offense is missing currently. 

Detroit Lions

The Lions aren’t in desperate need of another weapon at the moment. But with a roster that doesn’t have too many glaring holes, why not grab another dynamic playmaker?

Kansas City Chiefs

I’m going to sound like a broken record I’m sure. But bringing in another field stretcher would open up this Chiefs attack. 

Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons don’t have a true down-the-field option. They have two great options in Kyle Pitts and Drake London, but Franklin would add another level. 

New England Patriots

I am of firm belief that the Pats will be selecting a quarterback in round 1. The Next order of business would be to get him a true number 1 type receiver. 


My Pro comparison for Troy Franklin is DJ Chark. I wanted to say Devonta Smith, but Franklin boats are just a little bit bigger of a frame. Chark was a natural separator with good speed and route-running ability at LSU. He also struggled in contested catch situations. I think Franklin could be a much better pro than Chark, as he is a much more complete prospect. 


Overall, Franklin is an elite athlete with flashy footwork, incredible fluidity, above-average speed, and excellent acceleration. Franklin gets a little overshadowed by some of the other prospects in this class, but he is still capable of taking over a game with his dynamic playmaking ability. It’ll be an uphill battle for Franklin to be selected in the first round, but he certainly possesses the talent. I believe Troy Franklin will be a top-40 selection in the 2024 NFL Draft.

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