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How Is The 2024 MLB Season Going To Shape Up?

As of the time I am writing this piece, there are just 3 days til the regular season starts, and the MLB looks to be headed for an exciting opening day. These are my preseason predictions for each division.

American League East

  1. Baltimore Orioles 90-100+ wins

  2. Tampa Bay Rays 90+ wins

  3. New York Yankees 80-90+ wins

  4. Toronto Blue Jays 80+ wins

  5. Boston Red Sox 70+ wins

The Orioles showed just how strong they were last season with 101 wins being the leading team in all the American League going into the postseason, and I expect them to show up again this season with a vengeance.

American League Central

  1. Detroit Tigers 80-90+ wins

  2. Minnesota Twins 80-90+ wins

  3. Cleveland Guardians 70+ wins

  4. Chicago White Sox 50-60+ wins

  5. Kansas City Royals 50-60+ wins

The central division has a tough toss-up for first with Minnesota and Detroit, but the Tigers had a solid spring training outing in the Grapefruit League. I expect a lot of battling and swapping of places as we reach the midpoint of this upcoming season.

American League West

  1. Texas Rangers 80-90+ wins

  2. Houston Astros 80-90+ wins

  3. Seattle Mariners 80-90+ wins

  4. Los Angeles Angels 60-70+ wins

  5. Oakland Athletics 50-60+ wins

This is the only standing where I will bring out my personal bias. The battle for first place between Houston, Texas, and Seattle is huge and each team deserves the top spot. The West may have the top battle for first and should be a lot of fun for fans of any team to keep up with.

National League East

  1. Atlanta Braves 90-100+ wins

  2. Philadelphia Phillies 80-90+ wins

  3. Miami Marlins 80+ wins

  4. Washington Nationals 70-80+ wins

  5. New York Mets 70-80+ wins

The Braves have proved themselves as a top-tier team in the past few seasons, and I expect we will see that again this season. The true shocker may just be the Nationals, who I think will bring a good effort this season and may just take a spot in 2nd or 3rd if things go right.

National League Central

  1. Chicago Cubs 80-90+ wins

  2. St. Louis Cardinals 80+ wins

  3. Cincinnati Reds 80+ wins

  4. Milwaukee Brewers 70-80+ wins

  5. Pittsburgh Pirates 70+ wins

The Central is a tough league to predict. The Cubs have my spot for the number 1 seat at the end of the regular season, but I really could see any of these teams finding their groove and ending up in the postseason.

National League West

  1. Los Angeles Dodgers 90-100+ wins

  2. Arizona Diamondbacks 80-90+ wins

  3. San Francisco Giants 80+ wins

  4. San Diego Padres 80+ wins

  5. Colorado Rockies 50-60+ wins

Ohtani or not, the Dodgers have proven themselves as a top-tier franchise and have the opportunity to bring up a roster that could be ranked among the best with teams like the 1927 Yankees, 1975 Reds, and the 1907 Cubs. Fans can also watch for the Diamondbacks to come back with another strong season after their World Series appearance.

Preseason Predictions Final Thoughts

Amidst the drama of the preseason, this season is stacking up to be a fun and intense battle for many teams looking to bring home the pennant.

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