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MLB Award Predictions For 2022: Who Takes Home The Hardware?

AL MVP: Aaron Judge

Runner-Up: Jose Ramirez

Was this ever even up for debate? I mean Ramirez has been fantastic on a very sub-par Guardians team leading the league in RBIs while doing it, but he just can’t compare to Aaron Judge. While it is uncertain if he will resign to stay in the Bronx next year, he is making his time count this year. He leads the league in home runs, while also having by far the best record in the MLB. It’s Aaron Judge right now, and it’s not close.

NL MVP: Manny Machado

Runner-Up: Mookie Betts

Machado has been incredible this year. When we learned that Tatis was going to be hurt for the start of the season, we heavily discounted the rest of the Padres. Machado has done more than make up for the absence and has shown to be the clear frontman. Betts has been elite on another top team. I’m not factoring record though because of the fact they have the same record in the same division. But Betts just doesn’t have the batting average Machado has.

AL Cy Young: Clay Holmes

Runner-Up: Justin Verlander

Clay Holmes very quietly is putting together one of the best relief pitcher seasons since 2013 Zack Britton. In 28.2 Innings of work for him, he has allowed one run. You read that right, one run TOTAL. He has been the elite closer/reliever your team dreams of having. But as a starting pitcher, Justin Verlander has also been incredible. He has a 2.13 ERA and 73 strikeouts in 71.2 innings of work. I give Holmes the edge solely due to that insane ERA.

NL Cy Young: Joe Musgrove

Runner-Up: Sandy Alcantara

The second Padre to win an award, Musgrove has been spectacular as one of the MLB’s best teams, aces. Musgrove in 11 games has exactly 72 strikeouts in 72 innings and boasts an insane 1.50 ERA. All while his team is tied for first in his division. Sandy Alcantara has also been incredible, but his team sucks, unfortunately. In 83.2 innings of work, he has 77 strikeouts but has a 1.61 ERA. Not to mention on the Marlins he has six wins. That’s tough.

AL Rookie Of The Year: Julio Rodriguez

Runner-Up: Jeremy Peña

Julio Rodriguez has been a godsend for the Mariners. They had a flurry of prospects come up last year who was…overwhelming to say the least. Kelenic has gone back down, and Kyle Lewis has been good but not an All-Star yet. Rodriguez might end up as one this year. He has been spectacular. On the other side, Peña has been very solid for the Astros putting up eight home runs with 25 RBIs while hitting 2.70. Unless Rutschman can pick it up in Baltimore, it should stay between these two.

NL Rookie Of The Year: Mackenzie Gore

Runner-Up: Seiya Suzuki

That is correct. The Padres are sweeping the NL award race right now. MVP, Cy Young, and Rookie of the year all belong to San Diego. In ten games he has put up a 2.50 ERA with 60 strikeouts in 50.1 innings. He looks like a five-year vet as a rookie tearing it up in the NL’s best division. Suzuki has also been a bright spot for a Chicago Cubs team that need a bright spot to look at. As a rookie, he is hitting .245 with four home runs and 21 RBIs. He has also been one of the league’s best defensive outfielders so far this year.

AL Manager Of The Year: Aaron Boone

Runner-Up: Terry Francona

I hate the man, but it is very hard to justify not giving the nod to Aaron Boone right now. The Yankees are so far and away from every other team that it isn’t even funny. If he can keep this kind of record, then he should have no issue locking this award up. Francona also deserves a nod as the Indians have done better than most people thought they would. But it should be Boone’s award.

NL Manager Of The Year: Buck Showalter

Runner-Up: Bob Melvin

Buck Showalter I believe has also earned his place for this award. He has been so good, with his two best starting pitchers out and consistent injuries from the rest of his team. If his roster stays healthy, the Mets can make a deep run into the playoff but that is a big “If”. Melvin also deserves a heavy nod as he has been very good. I have gushed over the Padres this entire article but they deserve every ounce of it.



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