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Jalen Milroe Was Always The Guy

Alabama has produced some notable quarterback prospects. However, this year's crop of talent doesn't quite measure up to previous years. Although Nick Saban's offense hasn't always relied on top-notch quarterbacks, the arrival of Lane Kiffin as offensive coordinator in 2014 improved the offense. Nevertheless, Kiffin is no longer with Alabama and the current Offensive Coordinator is Tommy Reese, who is known for a run-focused offense. Which appeared to be a great fit for Jalen Milroe, but he was faced with struggles at first. However, he is now the undisputed top quarterback on the team.

A History Lesson

After Saban won back-to-back Nation Championships in 2011 and 2012 led by AJ McCarron, he criticized the new uptempo style of offense but soon changed his mind. Saban seemed to take a step after until 2014 when Kiffin helped turn the Alabama offense into a quarterback paradise. Kiffin led Jake Coker to become a National Champion quarterback in 2015. After Coker came Jalen Hurts in 2016, followed by Tua Tagovailoa and Mac Jones in 2017. In 2021, Jalen Milroe joined the team to learn under Bryce Young, following Mac Jones' National Championship win in 2020 with Steve Sarkisian as Offensive Coordinator. Jalen was recruited by Sarkisian but is now playing under Tommy Reese. I think originally Reese wasn't sold on Milroe being the guy which is why he had Tyler Buchner transfer over from Notre Dame.

Early Struggles

Milroe has experienced both praise and criticism during his time under center. Some fans still don't want him in, however, I have come to believe he was always the right guy to be the quarterback of this offense. When Milroe first took over as Alabama's starting quarterback, there was an undeniable sense of anticipation. Fans and analysts alike had high hopes for the young signal-caller. Milroe was benched for the game against the University of South Florida following a mediocre performance in the previous game at home against Texas. After a lackluster performance from Tyler Buchner and Ty Simpson, Milroe returned as the starter and led the team to a win against Ole Miss. He also showed an impressive rushing performance in the game against Mississippi State. Milroe had eleven rushing attempts for 69 yards and two touchdowns.

Leader On And Off The Field

Throughout his career, Jalen Milroe has displayed remarkable leadership qualities, particularly during his game in South Florida. I observed him congratulating Ty Simpson after he scored a touchdown, and it was evident that he would take back his position as the starter. On the field, Jalen has not only demonstrated physical dominance but has also emerged as a vocal and motivational leader off the field. His ability to inspire and unite his teammates, combined with his dedication to honing his craft, has made him who he is. Jalen's work ethic and resilience make him the influential leader that this team needs.

Was Milroe Ever The Problem?

In my opinion, I don't think Milroe was the main issue. There were several other problems that made it easier to switch quarterbacks in hopes of improving performance. It seemed like Tommy Reese, the new offensive coordinator, had some doubts about Milroe at first, possibly due to his lack of experience or different playing style. However, the transfer quarterback Tyler Buchner, who also came from Notre Dame, does not seem like a viable Division One quarterback. Although he played in tough, hurricane-like weather and faced challenges from the offensive line, he does not have the same level of talent as Milroe.

The loss to Texas cannot be blamed on Milroe alone. The offensive line's poor performance was a major factor in the outcome, especially when facing a strong opponent like Texas. Winning in all three phases of the game is crucial when playing tough opponents. Unfortunately, Alabama's defense did not play up to par against Texas. However, in recent games, we have seen improvement from the corners and defensive line, which is encouraging. Some, including Lane Kiffin, speculate that someone else is calling the defense, but I believe it is still Kevin Steele. It may have taken some time for the defense to adjust to their new coach, but they seem to be making progress.

The Tide Must Keep Rolling

As the season progresses, Milroe needs to demonstrate his abilities and develop as a quarterback. College football is extremely challenging and competitive, especially at a prestigious program like Alabama. Milroe has shown promise in the victories against Ole Miss and Mississippi State but now faces a major challenge this weekend against the Texas A&M Aggies. This game will be a crucial test for both Milroe and the Alabama offensive line. Although Milroe managed to defeat Texas A&M last year when Bryce Young was injured, this year is an away game so Milroe will have to overcome a great team and a very loud fan base.

To sum up, Jalen Milroe has faced challenges as the quarterback for Alabama. However, it's important to let him improve his skills as a player, despite a difficult start to the season. Milroe has the potential to lead Alabama to success with his leadership and performance on the field. Therefore, it's crucial for the coaching staff, team members, and fans to support him moving forward, as he is the best guy for the job. The upcoming game against Texas A&M is a significant test, but it's also an opportunity for Milroe to demonstrate he's the guy to lead the Crimson Tide at quarterback.


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