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Mike Vrabel Isn't Coming To Ohio State

Let's definitively end the speculation that former Ohio State player and coach Mike Vrabel will be returning to coach Ohio State in any capacity in 2024. 

Many Buckeye fans have been voicing their hopes for Vrabel to replace Ryan Day as the head coach, especially after Vrabel's departure from the Tennessee Titans. However, this will be different. 

 Day isn't being fired and will be the Ohio State head coach in 2024, and Vrabel won't be coming to coach and take some positional coaching job for the Buckeyes. 

Given that Vrabel is currently one of the most sought-after head coaches in the NFL, it's unlikely he would step down to college football to coach linebackers or any other position. 

Vrabel would not take a defensive coordinator job at Ohio State if available. Vrabel seems like the NFL is his place, and he will want whatever job he wants at that level. 

Also, Vrabel wanted to come and take a job on the Ohio State staff. Why would Day hire him? 

Many people want Vrabel to be the Ohio State head coach; everyone loves him; he's a former Buckeye, so why would you hire a guy who could end up replacing you if things go south in 2024? 

Vrabel isn't returning to Ohio State, and all Buckeye fans need to move on and trust Ryan Day next season. 

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