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Mike Norvell Should Jump Ship At Florida State

Florida State head coach Mike Norvell has been rumored as one of the favorites to land the Alabama head coaching job, and if offered, he needs to jump immediately. 

I have nothing against Florida State, and they're a great football program and school, but college football has something against them, and this team got left out of a College Football Playoff after going undefeated. 

Florida State is currently stuck in the ACC, and starting in 2024, the SEC and Big Ten will be known as the big boy conferences, and the ACC and Big 12 are about to be left behind. 

Leaving Florida State for Alabama is a must if you're Norvell just due to the state of college football today, and it has nothing to do with Florida State. 

Florida State can't control their opponents, and they play in the ACC. College football looks at it like a non power-five conference. 

This is not about Florida State, but Norvell can jump into one of the best programs in the history of college football, and he will be in the SEC, where everyone wants to coach; he also has been able to recruit very well and will do even bigger things at Alabama. 

Norvell should be the top guy for the Alabama job, and we will have to wait and see what happens. 

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