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Michigan's Cupcake Schedule Does Not Reflect The Team's Performance

The Michigan Wolverines have gotten off to a 7-0 start this season, and they exactly haven't played a gauntlet to start their season.

Michigan did not play a single power five school outside of conference play, which is pretty pathetic, and has played the bottom feeders in the Big Ten from Rutgers, Nebraska, Minnesota, and Indiana.

You can't blame Michigan for their Big Ten opponents since they have to play them, but not scheduling a power five school out-of-conference play is pretty weak.

I won't keep harping on Michigan's lack of tough opponents because they will have to face two of the top ten teams in the country, Penn State and Ohio State, so that everything will work itself out.

Even though Michigan hasn't played a real football team to this date, it doesn't mean this team isn't amazing, and that's exactly what they are.

The competition level might be very low at the moment, but Michigan takes the bad teams they're playing and makes them look like they have never played football in their life before.

Usually, when an okay football team is playing bad teams, they play down to their competition, and you can tell the team just isn't great, but that is not happening in Ann Arbor.

The Wolverines are playing elite on both sides of the ball, and they have only given up double-digit points once this season, and it was ten to Minnesota in a game where they won by 42.

Michigan Should Be Number One

Michigan has been ranked number two in the AP Poll every week, and they have yet to be able to take the number one spot from the Georgia Bulldogs.

Georgia is in the same boat as Michigan. The Bulldogs have yet to play a power five non conference team, and their SEC schedule so far hasn't been demanding. The SEC is having a down year, and yes, Georgia's conference opponents have all been better than Michigan's, but Georgia somehow keeps staying at number one.

The eye test is telling me that Michigan is better than the Bulldogs, but the narrative around the team is that Michigan hasn't played anybody, and they shouldn't be the first-ranked team.

We all know Michigan has played many teams that a local high school could compete with, but Michigan is destroying these teams, and they are the only team in the country doing that.

It's okay to say Michigan hasn't played anyone yet and still say they're the best team in college football.

If you give the Kansas City Chiefs Michigan's schedule and they win every game by 100, would you still say they haven't played anyone yet and have to play someone before they are crowned the best team in the league?

Outside of Michigan, Penn State, and Ohio State, the Big Ten is a joke, and Michigan can't control that the Big Ten teams they have played so far are terrible. Penn State and Ohio State have to play some of the same or similar teams and benefit from it.

Michigan's non conference schedule was a joke, and if they lose a game to Ohio State or Penn State, they should not be allowed in the playoffs because of it. Still, we will cross that bridge if a loss happens, but Michigan should take care of business the rest of the way this fall.

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