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Michigan's 15 Minutes Of Shame Is Over

Michigan has been the biggest story in college football the past year, and usually, when someone or something becomes as big as Michigan for a short time, it's called 15 minutes of fame, but for Michigan, it's 15 minutes of shame. 

Michigan has been the most disgusting sports program over the past year, and now it seems to be officially over. Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh took the Los Angeles Chargers head coaching job on Wednesday night, and hopefully, he will bring his stink with him. 

Harbaugh was suspended not once but twice for two different allegations in 2023. 

The first suspension was due to illegal recruiting during the COVID-19 dead period. Of course, he was suspended for the last three games of the Big Ten season for the cheating scandal that broke in the middle of October because Michigan had staff members illegally in-person scouting opponents' signs. 

Michigan was an excellent football team, and due to their cheating scandal, they did nothing but throw dirt on top of a team that could've won without cheating. 

Michigan has been shamed throughout the college football world the last few months, and even though they won the National Championship, it comes with a giant asterisk. 

The NCAA could still vacate Michigan's wins over the past three seasons and take their title away if they are found guilty of the cheating allegations. 

Michigan's ship seems to be sinking now; their head coach is gone, quarterback to the NFL, many other star players are entering the draft, and now they don't have one of the best coaches in college football, and their lead sign-stealing analyst Connor Stalions.

Offensive coordinator Sherrone Moore is expected to be the new head coach, and I like Moore. He is a great dude, and many people will want to play for him. Hopefully, he can get that Harbaugh stink out of their locker room and Ann Arbor and turn this program back to a time when, said the name Michigan, people don't want to throw up. 

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