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Miami Dolphins Vs Buffalo Bills: Three Bold Predictions Ahead Of Week Three

Going into week three’s matchup with the Buffalo Bills, the Miami Dolphins look to change the opinions of fans everywhere that they cannot hang with the league’s top teams. Here are three bold takes on why they can.

Some fans are still skeptical that Mike McDaniel is the answer to the Dolphins’ endless coaching carousel that has been spinning since Shula left. We were told Adam Gase was the “Quarterback whisperer” and would get Ryan Tannehill to transition his raw talent into high-level quarterback play. If you watched the Tennessee Titans play the Buffalo Bills on Monday night, you would probably agree that Ryan Tannehill is still just as bad as he was before Gase ever arrived.

Mike McDaniel is different though. He brings swagger to the locker room and is able to communicate in a way that players can understand at any position. He’s coached wide receivers, running backs, and was the offensive line coordinator for a portion of his career. Andrew Hawkins appeared on the Rich Eisen show and put into perspective just how good of a coach Mike McDaniel is.

.@Hawk knew #FinsUp head coach Mike McDaniel was an offensive genius way back in 2014 when he was his WR coach in Cleveland — this story is awesome:#NFL — Rich Eisen Show (@RichEisenShow) September 21, 2022

Former Cleveland Brown Andrew Hawkins gives his opinions on first-year Miami Dolphins’ Head Coach Mike McDaniel

It’s fair to say that McDaniel understands his player’s strengths, and weakness, and puts them into the best possible position to succeed when taking that all into account. He also is an offensive savant, so giving him two of the fastest players in the NFL in Jaylen Waddle and Tyreek Hill leaves pandora’s box of possibilities wide open for this Miami Dolphins offense.

If you’ve watched the Dolphin’s offenses of the past two decades, you know this is refreshing for the whole fan base. An offense that can flip the field in a hurry and get points when they’re needed hasn’t been seen in Miami since Marino of course.

Bold Take: Mike McDaniel outcoaches Sean McDermott this weekend, and it’s not even close. Bill’s fans will blame injuries, but that’s fine. Let the league sleep on the football genius that is Mike McDaniel.

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The Defense Looks Like A Top Ten Unit Against One Of The Leagues Most Explosive Offenses

After last week’s outing in the first half against the Baltimore Ravens, it would be foolish to think the Dolphin’s defense can completely stop Josh Allen, the hottest quarterback in the NFL right now. I do, however, believe they will come out and hold them under 25 points, which is something no team has done since the beginning of December last season.

Jevon Holland and Brandon Jones are going to be dangerous in the secondary and show everyone that they are the best safety duo in the NFL, even when the Bills have a fully healthy roster.

The defensive line will look to get pressure on Josh Allen which is something they haven’t been great at the first two weeks of the year. That changes this week as they rack up four sacks on Josh Allen.

Bold Take: The Defense only gives up 14 and makes Josh Allen look extremely average.

Tua Picks Up Where He Left Off Week Two, And Finally Gets The Respect He Deserves

Even after tossing six touchdowns and 469 yards against the Ravens last week, some sports media analyst decided it wasn’t that Tua was good, but that Tyreek and Jaylen Waddle were just wide open and it was busted coverages by the Ravens. Those people have to be dizzy from the amount of somersaulting it takes to discredit a day like that by a quarterback in the NFL.

This week the narrative finally changes when the Miami Dolphins shock the NFL and bring Buffalo down in Miami. And Tua Tagovailoa starts to get his recognition in the NFL as one of the most accurate passers as he leads the Dolphins to victory.

Bold Take: Tua throws for 350 yards, Three Touchdowns in the Dolphins’ 31-14 victory.

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