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From Field Goals To Fatherhood: Matt Gay's Winning Streak

Matt Gay has become a legend. The Indianapolis Colts kicker not only out-kicked Justin Tucker on his home turf earlier in the season, but he also went five for five kicking yesterday against division rival, the Tennessee Titans. After the game, he rushed home to Utah to be with his wife and family as they welcomed their daughter into the world.

Highest Paid Kicker For A Reason

Some people thought we paid too much for Matt Gay, but any reasonable Colts fan would argue that he's worth every penny! Not only is he stylish (just look at that jacket!), but he's also one of the top five kickers in the league.

He's made all 29 of his extra point attempts and has an 85% field goal success rate, with only three misses beyond the 50-yard line and one beyond the 40-yard line. Despite this being considered a down year for him, he's still performing well for the Colts. It's hard to say if we would have the same record without him, but he's been a valuable asset to the team. That is for sure.


Matt Gay is not only a great player on the field but also a wonderful person off the field. Although this may not be his best year, he is still playing a crucial role in keeping the Colts in the game and is one of the main reasons why we are currently on a four-game winning streak. I would like to express my gratitude to Matt and congratulate him on the arrival of his new baby girl.


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