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Mark Stoops: Five Interesting Takeaways From SEC Media Days

July 18th was Kentucky’s Head Coach Mark Stoops turn at the podium in Nashville, TN for SEC Media Days. SEC Media Days is the official media frenzy kickoff for the upcoming season every year.

Every team's coach gets a chance to introduce his team and take questions from the media for around 30 minutes.

This year is the 11th season for Mark Stoops at Kentucky, the second longest tenured coach in the SEC behind Nick Saban and he has the most wins (66) in school history.

After leading the Wildcats to their seventh consecutive bowl game last season, Stoops took the stage with a lot of offensive buzz surrounding his rehire of Offensive Coordinator Liam Coen and quarterback transfer Devin Leary.

Let's take a look at five key takeaways Stoops wanted everyone to know.

White Is The Best Remaining DC In The SEC

Brad White enters his fifth year as defensive coordinator at Kentucky and his sixth year on the staff. Only three teams have had top five SEC ranked defenses every year in the last five seasons - Georgia, Alabama, and Kentucky.

With changes at DC for both Georgia and Alabama happening that leaves Brad White as the only remaining DC in the SEC with that claim. Mark Stoops was adamant in his statement and his question responses to make sure to give Coach White his due respect.

Jay Boulware Was A Huge Hire For Coach Stoops

Coach Boulware was hired as the running backs coach and the special team's coach. Coach Stoops made a point several times to stress the importance of the needed improvements on special teams.

From holders, to snapping, to field goal kicking Kentucky had their issues last season. He made sure everyone knew the pedigree and improvements expected by adding Coach Boulware.

Return To Culture Of Physical Play Is A Must

Coach Stoops took blame and made sure to note last season OL struggles is going to be a blimp on the radar.

Bringing Coen back for schemes and adding several big pieces in the transfer portal (Marques Cox-NIU, Tanner Bowles-AL, Ben Christman-OSU, Courtland Ford-USC) for the OL should return the Wildcats back to their physical culture he and the staff has built.

Liam Coen's Return From The L.A. Rams Will Pay Dividends

Landing Coen back as OC was a massive haul, even though it was a long wait after the NFL season to do so.

Coen brings back familiarity, with only being gone one season he also helped recruit some of the talented sophomore receivers. His offense has a good tempo, predicated off of running physical up front, and play action pass. Look for UK to spread the ball around this season with the talent available at TE, WR, and even out of the backfield.

Devin Leary Is Healthy, Locked In, And Ready To Lead

QB Devin Leary transfers (from NC State) over with one year of eligibility remaining to lead the Cats. After throwing for nearly 3500 yards, 35 TD’s, and only five interceptions in 2021, Devin was the preseason All-ACC QB last season.

An injury derailed his season. Leary is back healthy and ready to prove his 21’ season was no fluke. Coach Stoops lauded his leadership after transferring and his placement and touch in his passing game, saying that was the “wow” factor in watching Leary play and train.

What Are Your Thoughts On Stoops' Press Conference?

What Are Your Thoughts On Stoops' Press Conference?

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  • Hated It!

  • No Opinion.

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