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Mami's Home

Over the past couple months, WWE fans have been completely swept up in the Dominik Mysterio and Liv Morgan storyline. Ever since injuring Rhea Ripley a few months ago, Morgan has been on a mission to take everything from Rhea. This includes her on-screen love interest Dirty Dominik Mysterio.

Liv had been putting Dom in awkward situations for months, and it finally came to a head on Monday. After Dom cost Zelina Vega the Women's World Championship, a mixed tag match was set up as the main event for Raw. The match featured Dominik teaming with Liv against Dom's father Rey Mysterio, and Zelina Vega. Dom and Liv won the match, but that was not the prevailing story. Celebrating their victory, Morgan jumped into the arms of Dirty Dom, eventually dragging him down to the mat. Just as it seemed Dominik was about to give in and finally kiss Morgan, Mami showed up.

Rhea's music hit and she stormed to the ring initially going after Morgan, who had immediately fled the ring. Rhea then turned her attention to Mysterio. A very displeased Ripley shared a stare down with Mysterio. Looking like a scolded dog, Mysterio stared at the floor. Rhea lifted his head and uttered two simple words. "Mami's back." This was not picked up by the mics but you could read her lips. Rhea is not happy with Mysterio's antics since she has been gone, and now both Liv and Dom are on notice.

Shake's Take:

It finally happened! From the minute Rhea was written off TV due to an injury caused by Morgan, I have been waiting for her to come back. I felt this way even before Liv started messing around with Dom. Just the fact that Rhea injured Liv during her heel turn, in order to have Liv come back and do the same thing when she returned is great story-telling. The reactions out of both Liv and Dom were spot on. Those two acted like they were teenagers, and their parents just came home. I can not wait to see how the rest of this story plays out.



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