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It's Time To Make Football Great Again

The sport of football has become too soft. Big hits are penalized, and referees are calling worse calls than ever before. It's almost like players can't even tackle anymore with some of the recent penalties called. It feels like the world wants it to be more two-hand touch rather than the extreme contact sport it is meant to be. With the advances in modern science, the game is safer than it has ever been. We don't need to diminish a sport because NFL owners pay too much for their franchise quarterbacks.

The Glory Days Are Over

Football is a contact sport that used to be celebrated for its toughness, but the recent introduction of the targeting rule has changed things. In the past, players were lauded for delivering big hits, like the one Sean Taylor laid on Brian Moorman in a Pro Bowl game. However, such hits are now considered illegal and would not be allowed in today's game, let alone in a Pro Bowl.

The targeting rule has led to some questionable calls by referees, such as the recent roughing the passer penalty called against KJ Henry for sacking Mac Jones. It's becoming absurd, and I think that referees should have to face the media after the game, just like coaches and players, to explain their calls.

Instant Replay Ruined Football

In my opinion, instant replay has ruined college football. Although it might seem nice to watch the replay, I believe that seeing the hits in slow motion has negatively impacted the game. The slow-motion effect creates a false illusion that these hits could have been prevented, but the game isn't played in slow motion. Football is a contact sport and cannot be slowed down for thinking purposes. When a player hesitates, mistakes and injuries happen.

One play the media ate up was when Travis Hunter was injured. It was frustrating to see the replay being shown repeatedly instead of the actual football play. It seemed like their intention was to control the narrative. Despite Henry Blackburn and others not noticing that the ball was not caught half a second before the hit, most spectators demanded a targeting play, without actually knowing what targeting is.

For targeting, the player has to lead with the crown of their helmet, Henry Blackburn leads with his shoulder pads, which is how players are taught to tackle. The correct way to tackle is to lead with the shoulder pad in the numbers, wrap up, and drive through. It's understandable that most of the media has never played a sport and therefore does not understand what it's like to do so. Therefore, it's not surprising that the media does not know how players are supposed to tackle.

The Hypocrites

It's easy to label someone a dirty player or scream and tweet when the call doesn't go your way. But let's be honest, it's the same people who cheer when roles are reversed. Brian Kelly can send the play to whoever he wants, but it wasn't targeting since he didn't lead with his helmet. Stop watching the play in slow motion and be honest with yourself--the ground caused the concussion. I understand the media doesn't know what a concussion is like, but trust me, I do. When you fall on the back of your head like that, it can cause not only a concussion but also a seizure.

To me, Josh Pate said it best. He was 15 yards away from the play and said, "Twenty years ago, it was a football play. Maybe unnecessary roughness tonight, but not targetting." To me, unnecessary roughness would be silly. There was no chance to slow down in the moment. It's a football play stop watching in slow motion.


It's not about how "violent" a tackle looks, it's about how it's executed. Fans should stop complaining when their quarterback is hit but cheering when the opposing team's quarterback is hit. Instead of changing the rules, we should focus on the sports science. We can't slow down the game, so let's stop trying.


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