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Mahomes vs. Allen: With KC Loss, Has Allen Finally Reached The Top?

This Sunday Patrick Mahomes squared off against Josh Allen. Anytime they meet the question is asked; who is the better quarterback? If you have turned on ESPN, NFL Network, or Fox Sports you have seen this topic debated on at least one of them every day in the last week. You’ve seen different takes and a good number of people on either side of the debate. But before Chiefs readers of this article start protesting the networks you need to remember, it’s their job to make you mad.

Angry people talk about the show and tune into the show. You’d think people angry with the show would just not watch, but that’s not the reality. So let’s get back to reality and talk about who is the better quarterback. With the Chiefs’ loss on Sunday against Buffalo, has Josh Allen finally taken the mantle as the best quarterback in the NFL?

How Do The Stats Compare For Mahomes And Allen?

It is actually easier to compare the two than one might think because they have played nearly the same number of regular-season games. Mahomes has started 68 games in his career while Allen has started 65. This makes their statistics easy to compare and judge. Thru 65 games Allen has thrown for 15,765 yards on 2,198 completions. Those figures average out to 242.5 yards per game and 7.1 yards per completion. His completion percentage is 62.7% and his career rating is 92.5.

Thru 68 starts Mahomes has thrown for 20,389 yards on 2,534 completions. Averaging 299.8 yards per game and 8 yards per completion. His completion percentage is 66.1% and a career rating of 106.1. For those bad at math, the Chiefs’ gunslinger averages over 55 more yards per game and a full yard more per completion. Mahomes’ career rating is higher than any QB in history and he wins these stats.

During the same time span, Mahomes has thrown for 166 touchdowns to just 39 interceptions, over a five-to-one TD-to-INT ratio. Allen on the other hand has thrown for 117 touchdowns and 50 interceptions for a just over two to one TD to INT ratio. Advantage #15 on these stats.

A key part of any Allen argument leans toward his ability to run the ball. His rushing stats are impressive, he’s rushed for 2,550 yards on 457 carries and 33 touchdowns. Those averaged out to 39.2 yards and 0.5 touchdowns per game, and 5.5 yards per carry. Mahomes on the other hand has rushed for 1,281 yards on 255 carries and eight touchdowns. His averages are 18.8 yards and 0.1 touchdowns per game, and five yards per carry. Allen wins the legs argument, as he’s clearly the better rusher.

Statistically speaking Mahomes dominates Allen in every passing category while Allen is the more accomplished rusher. If we are talking quarterback, the passing beats running every time, especially when Mahomes uses his legs effectively. His effectiveness with his legs makes that gap much smaller, after all, it’s not his fault Andy doesn’t call designed runs for him the way the Bills do for Allen.

Beyond The Stats, Mahomes Still Has The Advantage

Beyond statistics, there are the career accomplishments of both quarterbacks. Mahomes is a four-time Pro Bowler, two-time All-Pro, NFL MVP, Offensive Player of the Year, and Super Bowl MVP. Allen on the other hand has only made one pro bowl and one-time All-Pro.

Team wise the accomplishments are equally as far apart. The Chiefs have won the division four times, hosted the AFC Championship game four times, been to two Super Bowls, and won one. Allen has made the playoffs three times, two division titles, and one AFC Championship game. Unlike the statistics, Allen has no part of his accomplishment resume that is better.

The final piece of evidence in this matchup is the head-to-head games. Mahomes and the Chiefs are 3-1 against Allen and the Bills. Mahomes is 2-0 against Allen in the games that really matter, playoff games. He beat Allen in the 2020 AFC Championship game by two touchdowns and then beat him in the greatest game ever played last year in the playoff thriller.

The two went toe-toe in the 2021 divisional round game in Arrowhead. Allen thought he won the game until Mahomes went 50 yards in just 13 seconds to tie the game, and then proceed to win in overtime. The game was so good that it changed the NFL rule book. The league decided they wanted to see more of a game like that so they changed the OT rules to allow both teams to possess the ball no matter what the team with the ball first does.

One thing to keep in mind with this debate is that these are the two best quarterbacks in the NFL today. That statement is not up for debate, they are the two best by a wide margin. But we have to be honest, Mahomes is a better quarterback than Allen by just as wide of a margin.

Mahomes has better individual statistics. Mahomes has a better individual and team resume. Allen had the number-one defense in the NFL last year and still couldn’t beat Mahomes who had the 21st-ranked defense. In fact, both years Mahomes went to the Super Bowl he had a bottom-third defense. The only argument for Allen being better than Mahomes is that you are a member of the Bills Mafia and are just being a homer. Every other argument falls flat because Patrick Mahomes is the best quarterback in the NFL.

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