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Madden 23: A Review Of The Buffalo Bills Defensive Players

As we are all aware the most controversial time of the football season isn’t the draft or training camp, it’s when the Madden ratings drop. Admittedly it’s hard to be objective about the Buffalo Bills, we look at the players we love with rose-colored glasses (or in this case zubaz glasses).

It should be noted that the ratings must be taken with a grain of salt, while some can be accurate, others less so (especially with the rookies). Madden 23 comes out next month and features all new ratings for us to pour over. In part one of this two-part series, we’re going to investigate the Buffalo Bills’ defense and see where their players rank.

Madden Ratings – Defensive Line

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Ed Oliver – USA Today

Defensive Line Von Miller – 92 * Ed Oliver – 81 * Greg Rousseau – 76 * Daquan Jones – 75 * Jordan Phillips – 74 Tim Settle – 73 * AJ Epenesa – 72 * Shaq Lawson – 72 * Carlos Basham Jr – 70 * Brandin Bryant – 64 Mike Love – 64 * Eli Ankou – 62 * Average – 73 *

We already knew frequent pro-bowl selectee Von Miller was going to be atop the list, but I am a little surprised to see Ed Oliver crack 80 with Greg Rosseau below him but it’s to be expected as Ed Oliver has been in the league longer, and has more stats to base a rating. Averaging the defensive line player ratings gets us at 73, not as high as I would rank but not disrespected either as the Bills were right in the middle of the overall sacks and stuffs last year. The addition of Von Miller should allow some of our capable players to step it up this year.

Madden Ratings – Linebackers

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Linebackers Tremaine Edmunds – 84 * Matt Milano – 81 * Marquel Lee – 68 * Terrel Bernard – 67 * Andre Smith Jr – 65 * Tyler Matakevich – 65 * Baylon Spector – 64 * Joe Giles-Harris – 64 * Tyrell Dodson – 63 * Average – 69 *

I don’t think any Bills fan is surprised to see our Linebacking core ranked so low. Going into the off-season we already knew that the Bills needed depth at the position. Adding Von Miller should allow our linebackers to focus less on the quarterback and more on Pass/Run defense so hopefully, they see more production out of the players they already have. That said, I am surprised to see Edmunds Madden rating higher than Milano. Looking at the stats Milano has had a much more successful career and has only been in the league one year longer than Edmunds. Regardless, the average of 69 of the Bills’ linebacking core sounds about right.

Madden Ratings – Defensive Backs

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Defensive Backs Tre’davious White – 93 * Micah Hyde – 91 * Jordan Poyer – 90 * Taron Johnson – 82 * Kaiir Elam – 73 * Jaquan Johnson – 68 * Dane Jackson – 67 * Siran Neal – 67 * Damar Hamlin – 66 * Christian Benford – 65 * Tim Harris – 64 * Cam Lewis – 63 * Nick Mccloud – 60 * Average – 73 *

This is where the Bills’ defense really shines. Madden has three players at 90 plus for the Bills’ defensive backfield and is easily the most talented part of the defense. Assuming White comes back and has no lingering issues, the Bills’ defensive backs this season are primed to put on a show. Hyde and Poyer are considered the best safety duo in the league and their ratings reflect it.

Johnson at 82, I think is generous but not too much and if the hype on Elam is accurate, his Madden rating will be proven wrong by the end of the season. While the average of the defensive backs is only 73 the number is dragged down from the depth on the roster. It’s safe to say when the season starts, and all the cuts are done you can expect the average to go up five or six points.

Altogether Madden has the Bills’ defense ranked lower than I would have expected considering the attention they received last year. A couple of things to consider is that the Bills had a particularly easy schedule last season and Madden tends to skew their rankings lower than higher. While the Bills’ defense is good, they do have some issues stopping the run and gave up big-time plays last season.

Averaging the three defensive units together brings the overall Bills defense at 71 which feels a little low, but the number is going to shift when they get down to the 53-man roster and be a little closer to reality. I would say this year’s Madden ratings for the Bills’ defense are respectful for a defense that plays just marginally better than the rest of the league.

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