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LIV Was Once A Joke, Now It's Taking Over The Golfing World

Flashback to the summer of 2022 when this little golf tour called LIV was floating around. Nobody had any idea what it was, but it was some professional golf tour that was going to be funded by Saudi Arabia, and many people were outraged that professional golfers would agree to join a Saudi-backed tour.

At the time, LIV sounded like it would be a joke that would never pan out, and nobody would watch or even pay attention to.

LIV made a few considerable splashes in 2022, bringing in big-time golfers Dustin Johnson, Brooks Koepka, Bryson DeChambeau, Cameron Smith, Bubba Watson, and one of the biggest names in golf ever, Phil Mickelson.

LIV seemed like it would get some big names; these guys would play on the tour for a year or two, and then the entire thing would collapse, and we would never hear about LIV again, but that 100% didn't happen. Now, LIV is a massive threat of taking over the PGA Tour as the most extensive tour in golf.

LIV New Splash

Rahm is one of the best golfers in the world, and his signing shows LIV is ready to take over the entire golfing world. Now the question is, who is next?

Of course, there will be more big-time signings over the next few weeks with some of the best golfers. Who wouldn't want all the money they are throwing at you?

LIV is in an excellent spot at the moment. They know they can offer the best golfers in the world things the PGA Tour simply can't, and when these golfers start to cave again, they will be gaining them one by one.

LIV is a fresh breath of air watching it. They have made it your less traditional golf with a team format, music blasting, shotgun starts, and players being able to wear shorts.

Many golfers started to notice how fun LIV was, and now the money is right, and it's time to leave the PGA and head over to the new tour.

The PGA Tour should be shaking right now because LIV isn't going away, and it will probably get better over the next year.

Rahm is most likely one of many golfers who will join LIV this cycle, and it will be a waiting game to see who's next.

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