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LeBron James Is The Black Panther Parody That Went Horribly Wrong

Lebron James is considered the king of the NBA to all, but what feats does he have that everyone will remember him for? The King made the most shots in NBA history and received the most free throws. When in the heat of passion, The King tries his best to encourage other people to give 110%, but he has been on the bench for the past several years due to injuries. LeBron's achievements will always be remembered next to his poor sportsmanship and fowls throughout his career.

The Transition From a King to a Legend

The King is commonly known for swaying the coaches by using his legendary flops. The legendary flops consist of LeBron James throwing himself on the floor and faking his injuries to increase his chances of getting a free throw or taking a break from part of the season.

One of the most memorable flopping moments was in the 2009 finals against the Orlando Magic and LeBron James taking charge of the Cleveland Cavilers. The juggernaut Dwight Howard wasn't going to let The King beat him at the finals and he had a counter for every flop and tear shredded. The King lost 96-95 against the Magic of Orlando, Dwight Howard. During these heart-grabbing defeats, The King's rival Kobe Bryant won his fourth title. Infuriated by this loss, The King swore to get revenge on Kobe for taking his title and mastered every flop for the following year.

In 2010, The King faced his most powerful adversaries, The Boston Celtics. During the finals, The ferocious Celtics put The King in a dog cage when he decided to use his remastered flops to gain an advantage on the battlefield. The Celtics had the edge and won 94-85 and became lifelong rivals with LeBron James. The demon of the courts Kobe Bryant slammed the Celtics 84-64 in the finals, giving him his fifth title.

The King decided to crawl on his hands and knees on the dirt and rubble Kobe Bryant left behind after every game and drag himself to Kobe Bryant's team.

The Unforgettable Blazing Trio

The King decided to join the Miami Heat in 2011 and allied with the beast Chris Bosh and the dragon Dwayne Wayde. The Heat blazed every team that came their way and LeBron James felt so confident about his new army, that he said that he was going to win more than 7 finals. This promise was his unforgettably disgraceful and knee-breaking moments in the NBA.

The grand masterpiece of The Kings ' plays started in the 2011 finals after The Heat incinerated the competition with a 12-3 record. The General of the 2011 Dallas Maverick Dirk Nowitzki took charge of the finals and prepared for every counter from the Trio. In 45 minutes, LeBron was chokehold by the general and only scored 17 points the entire game and 0 points during the fourth quarter.

The Warriors Manhandle LeBron "The King" James

The King has a reputation for being in the finals and being eliminated by all of his competition. LeBron decided that the Heat was beneath his expectations and decided to join the Cavilers and go against the Golden State Warriors. When he mastered the art of flopping and crying throughout his journey, the Golden State Warriors committed themselves to test the mettle of The King for the remainder of his career.

With assistance from the Cavalier tactician Kyrie Irving, LeBron James was able to collect his third ring and celebrate the victory against the Warriors 115-101. After this loss, the Golden Eye Gunman Stephen Curry and the Golden State's Dragon Kevin Durant committed themselves to crush The King and Kyrie Irving on their elbows and knees next time.

In the 2017 finals, LeBron James attempted to use his legendary flops that have been remastered over the years and his signature tears on the court. Unfortunately, Curry's trigger finger was too fast for The King. Pretty soon, the flopping and crying performance became serious during this arm-breaking game because not only did the Cavilers lose 129-120, The King left the game with an elbow injury from his opponent.

To this day, The King spends most of his career in solitude due to the various injuries he gets from playing basketball. LeBron is currently unable to participate in the finals because all of the flops are starting to take a toll on his health. It's estimated that LeBron James will retire early and some people will confuse him with Michael Jordan. Some people say to this day that LeBron James never flopped throughout his career.


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