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Potential Landing Spots For This 2023 NBA Free Agent Guard

Although we’re in the era of superteams in the NBA, these said “superteams” still need role players. That’s where 11-year veteran Pat Beverley comes in. He's a hard-nosed guy that leaves it all on the floor and pushes his teammates to be better every day. Something every super team should have.

Look at the Warriors' success, for example. While mostly hinged on Steph Curry’s greatness, they needed Draymond Green to win those championships. The Bucks had PJ Tucker when they won it all. While outliers exist, it’s usually best to keep a bulldog on the roster. Which superteam should take on Pat Beverley in hopes he can do the same for them?

Boston Celtics

After recently trading for Kristaps Porzingis and sending longtime Celtics fan favorite Marcus Smart to Memphis, the Celtics will be missing that edge that Smart brought to the lineup. The Celtics have been in the mix for a ring the past handful of years, and with the acquisition of Porzingis, it appears they are going all in to win this thing.

Boston still has Malcolm Brogdon and Derrick White, but guard depth is essential in this league. Brogdon and Beverley would be lockdown opposing teams. In a recent live show of The Pat Bev Podcast with Rone in Boston, Beverley even entertained being a Celtic one day and wore a Celtics jacket later on in the night.

Los Angeles Clippers

Beverley drops tons of nuggets on his podcast with Adam Ferrone of Barstool Sports. He’s talked briefly about his friendship with Kawhi Leonard, who seems to have no friends if you’re on the outside looking in. Beverley is familiar with the scene too, spending four of his NBA seasons with the Clippers after being sent to Los Angeles in the trade that sent Chris Paul to Houston.

Given the connection between Beverley and Leonard, one could certainly see this as an avenue for Beverley. On top of a chance to complete some unfinished business with the Clippers, it could also be his shot at revenge on the Lakers, who sent him packing last year when LeGeneralManager decided his hand-picked roster wasn’t good enough to win.

NBA Homecoming Part 2?

Although it’s very confusing what is going on with the Bulls, It wouldn’t be shocking to see Beverley land back at home in Chicago if the market doesn’t pan out the way he envisions. Zach Lavine could have one foot out the door, DeMar DeRozan isn’t getting any younger, and Lonzo Ball may never see the court again. Still, Beverley could usher in a new generation for the next generation for his hometown team.

Longshot Idea

After a recent podcast episode featuring Karl-Anthony Towns, the two reminisced about how much they loved being teammates. Towns gushed about how great it was to be teammates with Pat Beverley, which is surprising given his history with Jimmy Butler and that whole saga.

It’s not out of the realm of possibility that Beverley either returns to Minnesota to reunite with Towns or follows Towns to a new destination if the Timberwolves move on from him. Having a guy like Beverley to push him every day in the right way is huge for a guy like Towns. Beverley can do a good job of keeping Towns in check.

While the market might not be robust for a guy like Beverley, he’s okay with that. At this point in his career, it’s all about the right fit. Everyone knows what Pat Bev brings to the table and it’s up to them to entertain the idea of it. Boston feels like the best fit. They need a Marcus Smart replacement. Who is better than Pat Bev?


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