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King James Bashes Green Bay Packers Front Office On Thursday Night Football

To kick off Week 11 of the NFL regular season, the Green Bay Packers hosted the Tennessee Titans at Lambeau Field. The Packers were 4-6, and the Titans were 6-3. The Packers were projected as one of five teams to make the Super Bowl this year, but they’ve looked like a shell of what the team used to be due to the lack of wins. The Titans were able to get out to an early lead and maintain it through the game. The Titans remain first in the AFC South at 7-3, and the Packers remain second in the NFC North for now at 4-7.

LeBron James Critiques Packers Front Office

LeBron James was seen on an alternative Thursday Night Football game broadcast talking about the Packers. This isn’t the first time James has commented on the NFL; knowing him, it won’t be the last. James told members of The Shop, “When you have a transcendent, franchise player, quarterback, like Aaron Rodgers…why won’t you surround that, when you’ve got the picks to maximize what he can do?”

.@KingJames makes his NFL analyst debut tonight during Packers-Titans via a new alternative broadcast on Prime Video. Dubbed 'The Shop on TNF,' James will be paired with @mavcarter and @pr_RWTW, among other special guests. — Mark J. Burns (@markjburns88) November 17, 2022

In LeBron’s statement, many have noticed the similarities between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Green Bay Packers. Both teams are struggling this year and have a stud MVP on their squad. Is LJ speaking through the Packers’ struggles for his agenda, or is he not selfish this time and cares about Aaron Rodgers and his lack of weapons?

"If you have a transcendent franchise player like Aaron Rodgers… Why wouldn't you surround that, when you got the picks, to maximize what he can do?" – LeBron (@KingJames) "Are we still talking football or are we talking basketball?" – Paul — Sports Illustrated (@SInow) November 18, 2022

It’s Week 11, and everyone knows the situation has been rocky for the Packers this year. This is just another “boy who cried wolf” skit from the infamous LeBron James. Going back to the NFL trade deadline when everyone thought that the Packers were finally going to target a wide receiver via a trade. Well, the two players that the Packers targeted were either taken, or the asking price was too high. If you recall, the Packers had talks with Chase Claypool from the Pittsburgh Steelers and Brandin Cooks from the Houston Texans.

Chase Claypool was traded to the Chicago Bears because Pittsburgh expected their pick to be lower. Brandin Cooks was vocal about being traded and wanted a team that could win and play in the post-season. Well, the Texans wanted an arm and a leg for Cooks, so a trade was not completed. Cooks continues to express his frustration with the team as they are currently 1-7-1 in the 2022 NFL season.

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Taking A Look At LeBron James And The Los Angeles Lakers

The LA Lakers currently sit in 28th place in the NBA, tied for last with three wins. They are last in the NBA regarding three-point field goal percentage and second to last in made three-pointers. Points per game is a rugged 26th in the league. With these stats, it’s hard to win.

After looking at the Lakers’ stats and where they are in the standings, you can tell that LeBron was also referencing his team regarding lack of talent, even though he shot down that question. He was involved when the team brought in Russell Westbrook and Anthony Davis. If the Lakers aren’t winning, James will push the blame on everyone but himself.

LJ will be 38 years old at the end of the year. If it wasn’t for his injuries and careless attitude, the Lakers could be doing much better. Injuries have been an issue for several players on the team. Coincidentally, the Packers have also had a fair share of injury issues this season. One sport involves people running at full speed and hitting you on the ground, and the other sport involves running up and down a 94-foot by 50-foot rectangle.

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