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Justin Fields Proves He’s Not A Pocket Passer In Week Six Loss

Justin Fields looked uncomfortable in the pocket during the team’s 12-7 loss to the Washington Commanders in Week Six. Can he bounce back in Week Seven?

The Chicago Bears in the Thursday night game against the Washington Commanders had the perfect chance to get an easy win at Soldier Field. However, Justin Fields and the Bears came up short of a victory in a close game. But some issues with Fields during the game came from him being uncomfortable in the pocket.

Throughout the game, Fields was panicking when his linemen were allowing defenders near him. Instead of looking for his check-down receiver, he was attempting to run with the ball. While that decision paid off late in the fourth quarter, it didn’t work every time. His running with the ball also wasn’t enough to get the Bears a win, as his 39-yard run was five yards short of a touchdown.

Despite Losing, Justin Fields Showed Some Improvements

While Justin Fields was far from perfect, he was showing he was learning from Aaron Rodgers’ former QB coach, Luke Getsy. During his 40-yard touchdown pass to Dante Pettis, Fields had the offense in the hurry-up, catching the Commanders with 12 men on the field. While the Bears declined the penalty, it shows how Fields is learning some classic tricks used by Rodgers.

Fields also made very few risky throws, despite him having an interception on the stat line. That interception came off a pass that hit a defender’s helmet and was caught by the Commanders. However, if the Bears want Fields to excel, Getsy might need to change their play calling and allow Field to make plays where he’s comfortable.

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Justin Fields Shines Outside Of The Pocket

When the young QB makes his way outside of the pocket, he excels. He’s solid as a passer when the team uses the play-action pass, allowing him to roll outside the pocket. His first season with the Bears saw him making his best plays with the play-action pass. While the Bears give defenses a healthy dose of the running game this season, they can add in more play action to help Fields get into his comfort zone.

Ryan Fitzpatrick made it known during the Amazon post-game that he feels Fields isn’t a pocket passer. He rattled off a list of elite quarterbacks, both currently playing and some who aren’t playing anymore. However, one name stood out the most when he was comparing the Bears’ young QB to other NFL quarterbacks.

Fitzpatrick Feels Justin Fields Is Like Cam Newton

Being compared to Cam Newton is a compliment to Justin Fields. Newton, who took the Carolina Panthers to Super Bowl 50 and a 15-1 record, is one of the best QBs to play in Carolina. However, the surrounding team lead to his demise while he led the Panthers in his last two seasons with them.

Bears fans can only hope Ryan Fitzpatrick’s Newton comparison doesn’t extend to his final years with the Panthers. While it might happen, it only happens if the Bear’s offensive coaches keep trying to turn Fields into something he’s not.

Luke Getsy Needs To Let Justin Fields Be Himself

The problem in Chicago with Justin Fields is how Luke Getsy is trying too hard to turn him into Aaron Rodgers. While some aspects of Rodgers’ game are good for Fields, he’s not a pocket passer. Fields is comfortable passing the ball outside the pocket, as rollout passes and the play-action pass are his best weapons.

Getsy needs to build an offensive playbook around his star QB. If he continues to make his QB into something he’s not, Fields will turn into a bust. Chicago can’t afford to waste away another first-round pick QB over such a short time.

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