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Jordan Love's Recent Comments Have Packers Fans In Disbelief

Green Bay Packers quarterback Jordan Love is already a fan-favorite in Wisconsin. From his humble personality and his leadership in the locker room to his highlight throws and explosive plays, Love has convinced Packers fans everywhere that he is the team's franchise quarterback. But some fans in Green Bay were in disbelief after Love's comments a few nights ago.

Jordan Love Shocks Packers Fans By Passing On Cheese Curds

The Green Bay Packers recently held their annual charity softball game. The event raises money for Jordan Love's Hands Of 10ve Foundation, which Love and Packers legendary wide receiver Donald Driver hosted. As always, the game was a massive success, with many former and current Packers players, such as Jayden Reed, Sean Clifford, Rasheed Walker, and Bo Melton, participating.

Later in the night, some of the players, including Love, participated in "Love It or Leave It," a fun game in which the player chooses to take or pass on something, including food. When asked whether he would love or leave cheese curds, a fan-favorite snack in Wisconsin, Love opted to leave them.

It was all in good fun, as the night supported a good cause and left many fans and families with a night to remember. The event's annual host, Donald Driver, even announced that he's passing the torch to Love full-time next year as he steps down.

Although Jordan Love doesn't like cheese curds, Packers fans will be alright because they have a bright future with Love at quarterback to look forward to for the next decade.

Jordan Love Is A Leader The Packers Needed

Jordan Love has already shown how he can be a franchise quarterback on the field, but he's arguably done more off the field. Alongside founding the Hands of 10ve Foundation, Love and his teammates also raised $30,000 for the Salvation Army by swapping autographs for a donation of $100 to the organization.

Love has also been a leader in the locker room, motivating his team during rough patches, including a four-game losing streak in the middle of last season. He has also contacted the Packers' new rookies and free-agent signings, welcoming them to the team.

Jordan Love's future is incredibly bright in Green Bay, and fans have much to look forward to, even if he doesn't like cheese curds.

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