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Jordan Addison: The Next Big Thing For The Colts

Should The Indianapolis Colts Trade Up For A Star?

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Jordan Addison is USC’s new 6’0” 174lbs wide receiver fresh from the transfer portal and is eligible for the 2023 NFL draft. Addison dominated in 2021 and is unquestionably one of the best receivers in the 2023 NFL Draft class and at a position of need for the Indianapolis Colts, he’s a must-get prospect.

Addison posted huge numbers his last year at Pitt before transferring out, posting 100 catches for 1593 yards and 17 touchdowns. Addison’s film backs up these stats, he flashes speed, good hands, sharp routes, and is a team player.

Separating From The Pack

Addison while not being a total burner has the wheels and route-running savvy to punish a defense deep, and with Parris Campbell catching 10 passes a season for the Colts the draft capital used to get Addison would be well worth it. Addison really knows how to manipulate a receiver to create space and used this to bring in man wide open catches down-field. On top of being a good route-runner, Addison has hands like a bear trap to secure catches even when defenders manage to stay with him. It really pops on the film just how natural of a hands catcher Addison is, and that is an incredibly valuable trait to have.

Not All About Him

While being a deep threat and able to work from the slot one of the aspects of Addison’s game the Colts should really value is his ability to be a team player. This really blew me away and catapulted Addison up my wide receiver rankings. His willingness to go out there and block is bar-none, even going through the process to go find someone to block and go engage. Addison is exactly the kind of guy catching passes the Colts need to really bolster the offense and support the best running back in the league, Jonathan Taylor.

Big Fish In A Shallow Pond

Currently, Jordan Addison is my number two receiver in the 2023 draft class. You’ll hear it all season “this is not a deep wide receiver class” and it’s true. If the Colts are to pursue Addison in the upcoming draft they’ll have to give up a little something to move up to be able to go and get him. Addison is currently projected as a top ten prospect by Pro Football Network and the Colts are projected to have the 18th pick of the draft.

Although, picking in the mid-20s at least is what’s expected of them this season and Frank Reich having Matt Ryan at quarterback should all but guarantee it. Jordan Addison is undoubtedly worth every form of compensation to move up for and Colts fans should be salivating at the thought of him playing next to Michael Pittman Jr and Alec Pierce.

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