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Join A Dynasty Fantasy Football League And Make The NFL Draft More Fun

Many people who play fantasy football focus on it throughout the year, not just from July to January. Free agency and the NFL Draft stir buzz among fantasy leaguers because the real purists don’t have time for fantasy baseball or any other sport. 

At its best, fantasy football heavily replicates the experience of managing an NFL franchise and its roster. The simulation becomes even more intense when participating in dynasty leagues. The 2022 NFL Draft is a major marker on the fantasy football dynasty league calendar. Where the rookies land is very significant in terms of dynasty fantasy impact.

Dynasty Fantasy Football: Feel More Like A Real GM/Coach

A Fully Immersive Football Experience

If you aren’t getting enough fantasy football action from February to June, you can join a dynasty fantasy football league. It’s the ultimate 12-month fantasy football experience. You can join new dynasty leagues on sites such as the Fantasy Football Players Championship (FFPC), RealTime Fantasy Sports, or Fleaflicker, or create your own league and have it hosted on a site such as or Fantrax. The time to get in is now, before the 2022 NFL Draft. 

You carry over the bulk of your roster in dynasty leagues from season to season rather than drafting a new team every year. You draft rookies each year after the NFL draft; free agency and trades are the other notable methods to improve your team. The core of the roster is built during your initial league draft; then, you must rely on waiver moves, trades, and first-year players to improve the roster over time. 

The annual NFL draft is a marquee event in dynasty fantasy leagues more than any other. After it’s over, dynasty leagues hold their drafts of rookies to upgrade and replenish their rosters. The anticipation levels for May’s rookie dynasty drafts are quite high right now. This will be the best annual chance for dynasty players to improve their teams significantly. 

There is a lot of trading going on before dynasty rookie drafts, and it often involves draft choices. You may trade draft picks to acquire veterans, but dynasty players are also looking to move up to better draft positions or add more picks if their team does not appear close to contention. 

I play in a few dynasty leagues, making NFL Draft weekend more fun and interactive. As the top incoming rookies land on new teams, I start to project which ones may fit my dynasty roster needs best. The amount of trade offers you may receive up to and during the NFL Draft can be very high. I have received several offers per week in the months leading up to the 2022 NFL Draft. 

But I am passing on many offers because they don’t make sense for my team and its needs, and I am in no rush to part with prime draft choices. As dynasty players, we wait with great anticipation for the chance to select the top rookies and should only deal away top choices in the draft if we get an offer that cannot be refused. 

The Art Of The Dynasty Fantasy Football Deal

Don’t let a heavy trickle of pre-draft trade offers distract you from filling a major need with your top draft choices. Many dynasty players make the mistake of sending offers that will not truly sway the other team to consider making a deal. A trade offer loaded with a quantity of mediocrity or lower draft choices will not land you a first or second-round pick. One offer I rejected included eighth and ninth round picks plus George Kittle for my first and second-rounders plus a tenth rounder. Even in a league where tight ends get additional points for catches, that was not worth consideration. 

Someone else offered me Aaron Rodgers and Matt Ryan for Russell Wilson in a league where we start two quarterbacks. I also have Kirk Cousins in that league, so there was zero incentive for me to consider such a trade. Before making an offer, think about whether it would be accepted on the other end if you received it. Consider what the other team may need instead of going only for what only helps your side.

Making and receiving trade offers, though, is a huge part of the allure of dynasty fantasy football. There is always the potential to make something happen, to improve your team at any time of the year. It is also rewarding to build a roster, improve it, and win a championship over time. Plus, if you are savvy enough to draft a player as a value early in his career and he exceeds expectations, he is on your roster for the bulk of his career if he is not dealt. Those who drafted Cooper Kupp as a rookie can keep him on their rosters for the rest of his career.

When playing in a dynasty league, you must also consider whether you are in “win now” mode or are rebuilding. There is a tendency among many dynasty players to stick too closely to younger players and avoid players past a certain age at any position. But running backs over the age of 26, wide receivers older than 28, and quarterbacks older than 32 can help you win over the next two to three seasons. 

While these are all interesting points to mull over, they are compelling topics that reflect the fun of playing in a dynasty football league. You should make the NFL Draft more fun for yourself by joining one now. For dynasty leaguers, every year, the end of April is like a holiday. Get involved in the celebration. 


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