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Jim Harbaugh Is Heading To the NFL, And ESPN Couldn't Wait Until After The Rose Bowl To Break The News

ESPN chose to break the news about Jim Harbaugh on the eve of one of his most significant games, adding an unexpected twist to a Saturday night. 

ESPN's Adam Schefter and Pete Thamel report that Jim Harbaugh has hired football agent Don Yee as his new representation. Yee's clientele list includes NFL figures, including Denver Broncos coach Sean Payton, Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, and Yee's first big client, NFL legend and former Michigan QB Tom Brady.

Harbaugh Is Gone

Harbaugh appears to be heading to the NFL, and it's only been the worst-kept secret in sports this year. It's like when Lebron James was going to sign with the Lakers; everyone knew he would do that two years prior. 

Michigan is about to play Alabama for a shot in the title game, and the Wolverines have not been able to get over their playoff hurdle, losing the last two seasons. 

It doesn't help that Michigan already has to play big bad Alabama and can't get out of their own way in a playoff game, and now they have to deal with the news their head coach is as good as gone next season. 

It makes a lot of sense for Harbaugh to return to the NFL. He has been dipping his toes in the water the last few years, and there is a lot of interest in him from many NFL teams this upcoming cycle. 

Harbaugh was also suspended twice this season on two separate occasions, and the NCAA has something against him. 

Harbaugh built an incredible program at Michigan, and it only took cheating for three years to get them where they needed to be. 

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