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Jets-Patriots Score Predictions: Throw Out The History, This One’s Gonna Be Close

The divisional rivalry between the Patriots and Jets has always gone in one direction, but the teams have never stacked up quite as evenly as this. With big moves in the division on the line, this is the most important Pats-Jets game in some time. The Patriots come into this game with two wins in a row, including a 22-17 win at the Jets, and the two teams return to Foxborough to battle again. Stadium Rant gets together to predict it, followed by my thoughts.

Patriots-Jets Score Predictions

@Pat_Pitts – Contributing Writer And Podcast Host At Gillette Gazette: 24-13 Patriots

“There are gonna be some points, but based on how both defenses have played this season, there won’t be a ton. This will come down to field position and turnovers, but ultimately Zach Wilson can’t handle the Patriots yet”

Both defenses have been in form, while both offenses have struggled. Like their last meeting, this won’t be pretty. On paper, the Jets have been in better form, but Zach Wilson will have to avoid his struggles against the Patriots secondary this season. Scoring may end up being predominantly due to short fields, an as such, turnovers and special teams will be a crucial factor. Ultimately, this game will go to the team with the least mistakes.

@JT_Howland12 – Contributing Writer For Cheesehead Checkdown: 24-17 Patriots

“Wilson throws 2 INT including a pick-six and James Robinson rushes for a pair of touchdowns.

Wilson has been up and down in his entire tenure with the Jets, but against the Patriots, it has been a different story in the wrong direction, one in which he has averaged 2.3 interceptions per game. With the Patriots secondary playing at such a high level this season, that doesn’t bode well for a guy who threw three interceptions in their last meeting. As such, getting James Robinson involved will be the best path for the Jets, and the duo of Robinson and Michael Carter will have to take a heavy workload, both in terms of carries and receptions.

@McKindleyKarson – Managing Editor For NFC South – 28-14 Patriots

“I’ll say 28-14 Patriots. Home game for the pats and I’ll still take a Bill vs young QBs. I still think that the Jets are frauds, at least their offense is (without breece hall)

The fact that this is an away rematch of a game the Jets already lost at home does complicate things for them. While the Jets aren’t the same team without Breece Hall, Robinson and Carter make that group strong. However, it does put more onus on Wilson, which isn’t a winning formula for the them. It’s worth noting, though, that the Patriots offense isn’t playing well and the Jets can stay in this game on the backs of their defense.

My Own Thoughts

I see a 27-13 win for the Patriots. The last Patriots-Jets game didn’t look like a fluke, rather it was evidence that the Patriots aren’t a good match for them. After a bye week, the Patriots have a chance to come in a bit more refreshed and healthy with some adjustments, and while the Jets had the same, the Patriots needed it more. Relying on Nick Folk, Rhamondre Stevenson, the defense, and safe, efficient play from Jones will be the formula that brings the Patriots over the line.

For the Jets, this outcome can change by good running back play that enables play action from Zach Wilson, as well as good secondary play and pressure on Mac Jones (which they got plenty of last meeting). While the Patriots will benefit from having David Andrews back, but there are still weaknesses on that line, and the Jets will take advantage. Regardless of how it goes, this will be a close game that lasts four quarters between, ultimately, two playoff-quality squads.

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