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Jets Can Land This Big Player With These Three Scenarios

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

The 39-year-old former Super Bowl champion has been holding out on signing with the Jets since the free agency frenzy began, but he plans to sign with the Jets.

However, he wants key additions added to the WR corp. Aaron Rodgers wants Odell Beckham Jr to join New York. The Jets have already signed Green Bay Packers player Allen Lazard and recently added Mecole Hardman (Kansas City Chiefs) after cutting ties with No. 2 receiver Elijah Moore.

The Jets’ interest in Beckham Jr is as genuine as it gets. The veteran quarterback loves to play with veteran receivers. Both Rogers and Beckham talked about playing together.

A Jets Deal Gone Bad?

The trade between both teams is tricky. Rumors say that the Packers want a first-round pick and more for the quarterback, and the Jets don’t have anything to offer.

The Jets are trying to get the deal done by trading a second-rounder or even a third-round pick. It’s been a week, and the talks of Aaron coming to New York had died down due to the Jets not wanting to put their future in the hands of Aaron Rogers.

The Jets have already relinquished their third-round pick to the Cleveland Browns for their second-round choice (42nd). New York now has the 13th, 42nd, and 43rd picks in this year’s upcoming NFL Draft.

Scenario One

New York could trade their 2023 13th overall pick and a 2024 confidential pick for Aaron Rogers. However, sending their first-round 13th pick in the draft should be manageable for the team. The Jets are selected to have to 10th and the 11th pick in the second round, which could cushion the blow to the Jets.

But that’s more unlikely to happen. They have no intentions of giving up their first-round pick to the Packers.

The trade could address significant needs at wide receiver, tight end, and safety. If the team receives the 13th overall pick for Rogers, it’ll be Green Bay’s second time in two years to have two first-round selections.

Scenario Two

New York could give up both back-to-back second-round picks in the draft. The combined choices are worth the equivalent of middle to late-round selections.

Both teams can get what they want in this deal. New York can keep their top pick and retrieve Rogers, while Green Bay gets two choices to value to their first-round selection.

Scenario Three

The Jets could trade away their first-round and second-round picks (3) to the Green Bay Packers, while the Packers trade Aaron Rogers and their 2023 15th overall pick in this year’s draft.

This deal is also doable, and it gives Green Bay something to work with by moving up two spots in the draft. The team will still receive a top-15 pick if the trade goes through.

Leverage Over The Packers

Although Aaron Rogers is worth either of these deals, the first deal seems far-fetched. Aaron can lead a team, especially with any receiver in the lineup. He can make anyone look good.

The Jets have leverage over the Packers. The team may be uninterested in the deal. It could go all in for Lamar Jackson instead if the Packers continue to play hardball with them.

According to multiple reports, the Jets are leaning towards a first-round pick, but the price could be too steep for the Jets. That’s why the deal isn’t done.

New York could hold out until the beginning of training camp to sign the quarterback, hoping the Packers will cave in at some point.

With talks dying down and both teams having the ball in their courts, it could be a while before a trade is made.



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