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Jay Williams Is Right. Caitlin Clark Isn't Great; She's Phenomenal

Iowa's women's basketball star Caitlin Clark broke the record for most points scored in a career for a college women's basketball player on Thursday night, and a former Duke guard and current ESPN Analyst Jay Williams had something to say about her on College GameDay on Saturday morning.

Williams stated, "I think she is the Stephen Curry of women's college basketball, I think she has changed the dynamics of the way the game is played, I think the way she plays the pizzazz, she's probably the most prolific scorer the game of basketball has ever seen, I am unwilling maybe it's the Kobe mentorship around me to say that she is great yet I hold great for the levels of immorality or the pantheon to when you win championships." 

Williams makes a valid point about greatness and winning championships because whenever you talk about the greatness of an athlete's play in basketball, the first thing that comes to mind is the number of titles that person won. Still, Clark has proven excellence even without winning the championship last season. 

Williams went out to state players he considers excellent at the women 's college level, like Uconn's Diana Taurasi, who won three college basketball titles, and Breanna Stewart, who won four. 

Alright, Jay, let's throw around great college basketball players who went to the most outstanding college basketball program in women's hoops and say Clark needs to be like them regarding winning rings. 

With all due respect to Taurasi, it's not like she exactly made UConn into one of the greatest women's basketball programs ever; before she even got to school, their head coach, Geno Auriemma, already had two titles at the school, and all, Taurasi did was add to it same with Stewart. 

Clark could've chosen Uconn instead of Iowa, and she could easily have a few titles to her name, but she chose Iowa. No offense to the Iowa women's college basketball program, but they aren't strictly special. 

Since 2000, Iowa only finished in the AP Top 25 six times before Clark got there and made the Final Four once in 1993 before last season. 

Clark has taken a school known for Men's wrestling and not being able to score on offense in college football to one of the most prominent women's college basketball programs in the sport.

Clark sells out arenas every night and is one of the best basketball players the women's game has ever seen. She can put in 50 points, ten boards, and five assists at any time and even do it all in a single game. 

I'm sorry she didn't pick Uconn and get to win easy titles, but what she is doing at Iowa is better. If she never wins a college basketball title, who cares? There are still four other players on the court with her. Winning a title takes a team effort; why can't we just let Clark be great without having to pick a piece of her game and career? She has made women's college basketball a must-see event, which is greatness. 

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