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Jason Kelce’s Record In Jeopardy

Injuries during training camp and preseason are common in the NFL, but it was shocking to hear that Center Jason Kelce will have to miss time due to an elbow issue. Kelce currently has a 122-game start streak dating back eight years. Where does this rank in Eagles’ history and does he have a chance to be back for Week One?

Jason Kelce’s Start Streak

Jason Kelce has started an incredible 122 consecutive games. This goes back to the 2015 season. 122 games is the fourth most consecutive starts in franchise history. Here are the players ahead of Kelce:

Jon Runyan: 144 games (2000-2008)

Jerry Sisemore: 127 games (1974-1982)

Stan Walters: 126 games (1975-1983)

All three players ahead of Kelce were also offensive lineman. Each one of them is in the Eagles Hall of Fame for their on the field performance and their durability. Jason Kelce would have to start just six more games to go all the way to second on the list. If Kelce starts all 17 games in 2022, it will bring him to 139 starts which is just shy of Runyan’s franchise record.

Overall, Kelce has played in 159 games for the Eagles. If he plays in 11 more games, he will pass Chuck Bednarik for the team record.

Compared to active NFL players, Kelce has the second highest active consecutive start streak. Currently, offensive tackle Jake Matthews of the Falcons edges Kelce with 127 straight starts. Matthews is just 30 years old and has started every game since midway through his rookie season.

Jason Kelce’s Injury

Jason Kelce was reportedly dealing with elbow discomfort at practice. Team doctors decided the best course of action was for Kelce to undergo arthroscopic elbow surgery. This is a routine surgery to clean and remove damaged structures in the elbow. This includes bone spurs, cartilage damage, and loosening the stiffened joint. Arthroscopic surgery is a common procedure done on athletes including football players.

Recovery time is usually quick after a procedure like this. Kelce could be expected to be back to practicing after just two to four weeks. He will need to have the swelling go down and go through some physical therapy. If all goes well, Kelce will miss the preseason, but could be back for the Week One season opener at Detroit on September 11th.

In Conclusion

Jason Kelce has been one of the Eagles’ most productive and consistent player in franchise history. He has more than proven his value as a sixth-round draft pick back in 2011. It is concerning to hear about him needing surgery, but a relief to find out it is a routine procedure to make sure he can be available for a majority of the 2022 season.

Hopefully Kelce can be ready for Week One to keep his consecutive start streak alive. This could put him closer to the franchise record. If Kelce is not available, the Eagles have his future replacement in rookie Cam Jurgens available. Jurgens is expected to start all three preseason games at center and could compete for a guard spot for the 2022 season when Kelce is back.

Best wishes to Jason Kelce for a speedy recovery. Check out our latest content and don’t forget to join our Facebook and Twitter pages for more Eagles coverage!

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