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Jared Goff Was A Throwaway Who's Career Was Supposed To End In Detroit

Jared Goff has had a crazy first eight seasons in the NFL, spending the first five seasons in Los Angeles and then the last three with the Detroit Lions. 

Goff helped lead the Los Angeles Rams to the Super Bowl in his third season, where he fell to the Patriots. Then, two years later, he was traded for Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford. 

The Rams received Stafford, and the Lions acquired Goff, a 2022 first-round pick, a 2023 first-round, 2021 third-round pick. 

The first-round picks were the Lions' most significant piece of this deal. Many people looked at Goff as just a throwaway in this deal due to how much money he was making, and he was going to be the stopgap for a season or two in Detroit before they found their franchise quarterback. 

Thing changes very quickly with Goff; in year one, they struggled because their roster was awful; year two had a great end of their season, almost made the playoff, and spoiled the Green Bay Packers chance beating them the last week of the season and then year three win the division make the playoff and beat the team that traded him away in the first round of the playoff. 

Goff was never supposed to take this Lions team to these heights, and everyone thought his career would die in Detroit. Still, the opposite happened, and now he is taking a franchise places they haven't been in years. He is a win away from going to the NFC Championship game, where they will lose to the San Francisco 49ers, but still, Goff has been a great story and has done wonders for his career and the Lions organization. 

Goff was made for Detroit, and Detroit was made for him. 

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