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Jared Goff Gets Revenge, But Sean McVay Should Be The One Laughing

Detroit Lions quarterback Jared Goff triumphed over his old team, the Los Angeles Rams, in a thrilling first round of the playoffs on Sunday night. 

The Rams made a strategic move by trading Goff to the Lions in January of 2021, with starting quarterback Matthew Stafford being the central piece in that trade. 

Stafford brought the Rams to a Super Bowl 13 months later, in February of 2022, and Goff has been one of the main reasons the Lions have been able to get back to the playoffs and be legit contenders. 

Goff got his revenge, but at the end of the day, McVay and the Rams made the right move to trade him for Stafford. 

Goff is a good quarterback, not a great one, and the Rams got to a Super Bowl with him and lost to the Patriots in a low-scoring game. McVay knew he needed to upgrade at some point and then pulled the trigger for Stafford a few years later. 

Goff got the win over McVay, but McVay has a ring because he was willing to move off of Goff, a quarterback who was in the way of winning him anything. 

Goff has been a good story, helping take a bad Lions team and turning them into a playoff team, but he can only go so far, and he and the Lion's run will end here very quickly. 

McVay got rid of Goff for a reason, and he will show the world why he was traded in the next couple of weeks.  

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