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Jalen Hurts Is Making The Right Strides

Even in the offseason, Jalen Hurts continues to impress as a leader. We have continued to hear promising reports along with the never-ending saying that relates to Hurts: “he always gets better.”

Head coach Nick Sirianni stated in a press conference that Jalen Hurts was across the country in Southern California working out with some guys. The group is said to include famed quarterback guru Tom House. House has coached many quarterbacks over the years, including Hall-of-Fame guys like Drew Brees and elite players like Andrew Luck and Matt Ryan, once upon a time.

And of course, you cannot forget to mention one guy who is still working with Tom House and is in the sessions with Hurts: the greatest quarterback to ever live, Tom Brady. It has been rumored that Jalen Hurts has been following Tom Brady around California and seems to have built a relationship with the Buccaneers’ Quarterback. What does this mean for Jalen Hurts?

Expect A Jump

Just working out with someone doesn’t mean you will automatically become that player. However, it is still huge news. Very few guys get to see Tom Brady get into a warm-up, stretch, or even talk shop. Hurts just being on the same field as Brady could very well help him with several flaws of his own game.

The Eagles’ starting quarterback needs to pick Brady’s brain on the mechanics, the deep reads, and pocket presence. All those things, Tom Brady does at an elite level even at his age.

Working with Tom House, Jalen Hurts can gain guru-level information about anything related to the quarterback position. House has worked with Brady since his days with the Patriots and can notice and help repair even the slightest issues in mechanics. Jalen Hurts would gain a lot from some mechanical fixes to his game.

Being A Voice

Hurts getting better on the field in each of the aforementioned areas will be the best possible thing to happen this season for him and for this franchise. Another huge positive for Hurts would be if he could keep up his newfound general manager act.

In the past week, Hurts has been publicly recruiting and floating the idea of the Eagles trading for Titans’ wide receiver A.J. Brown. Hurts has made comments on social media around seeing Brown in green with the news of the classic kelley green jerseys returning next offseason.

People want to play for the best quarterbacks. If A.J. Brown were to get a trade to come to play with Jalen Hurts, it would speak volumes about the respect Hurts has in this league. Also, getting Brown would make Jalen Hurts a much better quarterback if that wasn’t obvious.

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