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Jake Paul Will Be Knocked Out By His Own Punchlines

YouTube Influencer and UFC Fighter Jake Paul is one of the most known and underrated fighters in the entire franchise. Since Jake Paul was 16, he built a reputation to become a famous prankster and instigator. Every creator and fighter shuns Jake Paul for hurting others with his reckless actions. Pretty soon, Jake Paul will be forced to “put the money where his mouth is”.


The Origin of the Famous Paul Brothers

A story about Jake Paul isn’t complete without mentioning his big Brother Logan Paul. In 2007, The Paul brothers were given a camera by their father Greg Paul who originally intended for them to use it to improve their overall football performance, but another idea came to mind for Jake and Logan Paul. Instead, they decided to start a Vine and YouTube channel where they would record “skits” and “pranks”.

Jake Paul’s destructive nature started to develop when he made a YouTube channel called Zoosh which was inspired by a channel called Smoosh. Throughout the duration of Jake Paul’s childhood, his identity was formed around “skits” and “pranks” and he gave up any hopes of being an athlete whatsoever.

In 2013, Jake Paul became famous when he “hacked” Vine by finding a way to record his stunts without holding the record button on his camera. As Jake Paul gained more views on YouTube and Vine, his “skits” and “pranks” became more provoking and dangerous.

During Jake’s time at high school, he was admired by the unpopular students but strongly disliked by the popular groups and some of his teachers. Jake Paul claims that the education system unfairly treated him, so he moved to Hollywood where he became an actor for low-budget movies. Eventually,  in 2013, Disney offered Jake Paul a role on the television series Bizaardvark. In 2017, Disney and Jake Paul made a mutual agreement to cancel their contract.

Jake Paul claims that he graduated high school with a 1.6 grade point average because he didn’t do his homework, but he did well on tests. On the contrary, critics claim that he dropped out of high school because he didn’t like being criticized by his peers and teachers.

Prankster Becomes UFC’s Main Joke

After Jake Paul had a massive loss in subscribers and followers, UFC fighter KSI challenged both of the Paul brothers to a fight. Jake Paul responded to this challenge by saying that KSI can either fight his dad or a 5-year-old fan. Due to the rapid losses of subscriptions from his response, Jake Paul agreed to have a family fight and he would go against Deji.

Jake Paul claimed that he was confident in knocking Deji out in one round. Although Deji wasn’t knocked out in the first round, Jake Paul won by a technical knockout in round five.

As of March 24, 2024, Jake Paul has 9 wins and 1 loss in his entire career. Although this sounds great on paper (and on his YouTube channel), he only fights older opponents because they aren’t in their prime.

Jake Paul Pokes the Wrong Animal

Jake Paul decided to take his fame to the next level by challenging the legend, Mike Tyson to a fight and said “I will bury you next to your daughter’s grave”. Mike Tyson posted a reel on social media with a warning for Jake Paul.

Unfortunately, Mike Tyson canceled the fight due to a doctor’s order.

Jake Paul continues to use UFC as a YouTube platform, but his show is coming to a close.

Currently, Jake Paul is suffering from memory loss and slurred speech because certain areas in his brain lack blood flow. The “skits” and “pranks” that Jake Paul did his entire seem to be the main reason why he is suffering from brain damage. It’s expected that the knockout Jake Paul gets will end his career as a fighter and a YouTube influencer.

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