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Jackson Powers-Johnson: The NFL's Next All-Pro Center

There are some players that I just become infatuated with throughout the Draft Cycle. One of those players this year just so happens to be the focal point of today’s prospect profile video, and that’s Oregon’s Jackson Powers-Johnson. I haven’t been shy all over social media with my belief that Jackson Powers-Johnson could be the next great center in the NFL. Let’s take a look!

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You are most likely here because of how dominant Jackson Powers-Johnson was at the 2024 Senior Bowl, where not only was he a big winner in practice, but he was a big winner at the weigh-ins as well. Powers-Johnson came in at a stout, 6’3 334 Pounds, which to me, was eye-opening, but in a good way. Watching him move, you would think he weighs about 50 pounds less than that. JPJ is truly a fantastic mover, and a great athlete, at 334 Pounds, he can still run a 5-second flat 40-yard dash, which is in the 93rd percentile for the position. 

As a pass protector, JPJ is a loose, easy mover out of his stance to get to his landmarks against wide-rush alignments. He has a stout, firm anchor to dissipate the bull rush quickly with active alert eyes, and Nasty intentions when looking for work. JPJ provides excellent pocket-clearing blocks when uncovered. While in pass protection, JPJ plays with a frantic but controlled energy, and no energy goes wasted, he’s always looking to plant a defender into the ground. 

The most impressive part of Powers-Johnson’s game lies in his run blocking though. JPJ is a quick-twitch, explosive, and powerful run-blocker, who equally excels in gap or zone concepts. He does a very good job of covering up, lifting, and securing defensive tackles in the post on double teams, with eye-opening power on feeds to bump them over as the drive man in the double team.

Powers-Johnson can consistently line up his target on the move on back blocks, climbs, and screens with very good speed and angles. He arrives on contact with jarring force and has the body control to stay attached to finish. Powers-Johnson brings an enforcing, tone-setting demeanor with impact block ability. 


Jackson Powers-Johnson, like every other Draft Prospect, comes with areas that he can improve upon. While JPJ Looked outstanding as a true junior, it was his first-ever starting opportunity, so while he has all the tools, he’s still relatively raw, and inexperienced, with just 13 starts at the center position. On the flip side, that could turn out to be a great thing, as you have to think we haven’t even seen his best football yet. 

Powers-Johnson does need to harness his quickness out of his stance to prevent drifting and oversetting, particularly on further landmarks against wider rush alignments. JPJ’s upright playing style leaves his chest exposed, which long defensive tackles can gain quick access into to create stalemates. While his 79” wingspan is impressive for the position, his arms are on the shorter side, at just 32 ⅛”. 


In terms of a Scheme Fit for JPJ, Powers-Johnson is a robust and technically sound center, well-suited for a power run scheme. His strengths in run blocking and hand placement make him effective in creating lanes and sustaining blocks. He fits best in a system that emphasizes a ground-based attack but is versatile enough to adapt to various blocking schemes. 


Here are 5 teams that I think will look to draft Jackson Powers-Johnson in the 2024 NFL Draft:

The Chicago Bears 

The Bears Offensive line is still an issue, especially at Center. But Powers-Johnson would instantly be an upgrade over Lucas Patrick.

The Seattle Seahawks

The interior of the Seahawks offensive line is an absolute mess. If they want to get back to a run-first offense, they desperately need an upgrade. 

The Pittsburgh Steelers

With an immediate upgrade over Mason Cole needed, The Steelers would have a very formidable unit if they added a player of Powers-Johnson’s caliber.

The Miami Dolphins

The Dolphin's offensive line has been a revolving door due to injuries the past few seasons. The name of the game should be protecting Tua, and JPJ’s versatility would be a massive boost. 

The Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jags have a good-looking 5 on paper, but on the field, it’s anything but. JPJ would add some much-needed stability to the interior of the offensive line.


My Pro Comparison for Jackson Powers-Johnson is Creed Humphrey. Humphrey has had a Hall of Fame Start to his career, and is arguably the NFL’s top center, especially as a run blocker. Both players are explosively athletic for the position, bring a nasty, tone-setting demeanor, and love to finish blocks. I think JPJ will arguably enter the NFL With more hype than Humphrey, with the potential to even slide over and play Guard as well. 


Overall, Powers-Johnson is a young, inexperienced prospect who burst onto the scene this season as a first-time starter thanks to his elite blend of size, athletic ability, power, and toughness that he used to dominate the competition. He does have a few technical aspects of his game to clean up, but his physical traits and makeup should allow him to start right away at either center or guard without being dependent on scheme while providing Pro Bowl potential instantly. Jackson Powers-Johnson will be selected between Picks 16-35 of the 2024 NFL Draft.

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