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Ja'Marr Chase Should Stop Talking Any Minute Now

The Cincinnati Bengals opened their 2023 season at the Cleveland Browns, and it was an epic disaster for the team in stripes. The Bengals failed to reach the end zone, losing 24-3, and their star wide receiver, Ja'Marr Chase, had words to say about the opponent that beat them down the field for 60 minutes.

Less flashback for a second and take you back to last week when reporters asked Chase about the match up with the Browns.

Chase Is Still Running His Mouth

Chase ultimately shut down against these elves on Sunday afternoon when he was held to five receptions for 39 yards.

You think a guy who just got beat up and down the field for three hours would get humbled very quickly, but that was the opposite thing to happen to him.

Chase needed to do himself a favor and stop talking. It looks horrible to talk crap again on a team that had their way with you again. This is not the first time the Browns have dominated Chase and the Bengals.

The Bengals have beaten the Browns once since 2019 and haven't won in Cleveland since 2017, when the Browns went 0-16.

The comments by Chase were just as bad as his team's performance, and the more he opens his mouth, the more he will find trouble on and off the field.

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